SteemEconomics Voting Service Return On Investment 2018-06-02

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Break-even point today is $1.70 vote value for 1 SBD and $2.30 vote value for 1 Steem.

Why this information

I am providing this information for those who would like to use bid-bots or other voting services to upvote their posts with unique high-quality contents. They can use this information to determine at what point it is profitable or not in making a bot purchase.

One of the common mistakes people make in using bid-bots or other voting services is thinking that as long as they get $1 vote value for $1 SBD bid or $1 Steem bid, they are breaking even. However, in reality, it is not! (Up to 25% of vote value goes to curators and half of the remaining is divided by steem price.)

Author Reward = 37.5% of vote value in SBD + 37.5% of vote value in Steem (divided by steem price)

Please see table below for ROIs from 1.50x to 2.75x vote value.

Voting Service ROI Updateby @cheneats
Datetime (UTC)2018-06-02T01:00:02
SBD Price1.76843
Steem Price2.38781
SBD Break-Even Point1.70x
Steem Break-Even Point2.30x
Vote Value / Bid Ratio1.50x1.75x2.00x2.25x2.50x2.75x
SBD ROI-11.94%2.73%17.41%32.09%46.76%61.44%
Steem ROI-34.78%-23.91%-13.04%-2.18%8.69%19.56%


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This information is very important to me to understand the ROI for various SBD and Steem
The data presented are factual and could not be summarised further. It should be similar to similar posts in
Excellent analytical report


Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so happy that you have found this information useful. Take care my friend :)


Yes, your post is a very useful and pertinent information for me to spend sbd for up vote
My fund is limited and hence placing the sbd to the right basket is very crucial

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my friend. people may also be interested in the daily break down of the point where it is worth while to do a 50:50 payout for their posts or take 100% steem instead. With the spread between SBD and steem increasing, there will be a point where we are better off receiving 100% steem. Knowing where that point is may help people.


I am thrilled to hear from you, my old friend :) I will do a payout analysis and write a post about it. Thank you for your suggestion. Hope all is well with you and your family. Wish You the BEST


Hello my friend, I had just written a post about Default (50% SBD / 50% SP) vs Power Up 100% payout. Please let me know if I had missed anything. Thanks again for your suggestion :)