Steem Power Return On Investment 2018-06-06

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ROI today is 34.18% with a yearly dividend of $0.80492 USD/Steem, which means 1,000 Steem Power can generate up to $804.92 USD income per year.

Time (UTC)2018-06-06T00:00:03
SBD Price1.76054
Steem Price2.35479
Vote Value$0.163

Vote value $0.163 is based on a 100% full vote value of 1,000 steem power at 100% voting power.


The equation for calculating vote value:
vote value = voting_percent * (steem_power * (voting_power(%) * 1000000 + 49) * reward_balance * steem_to_sbd * total_vesting_shares) /
(2500 * recent_claims * total_vesting_fund_steem)

Blockchain Variables


Maximum Rewards (1,000SP)

Maximum Author Rewards Per Vote0.081 SBD and 0.033 Steem Power
Maximum Author Rewards Per Year297.224 SBD and 119.607 Steem Power
Maximum Author Rewards Per Year in Steem341.824 Steem
Maximum ROI Per Year34.18%
Maximum Dividend in USD Per Year$804.92 USD

To calculate the maximum rewards, we assume that votes are casted when posts are created so 100% curation reward of these votes go to the author by using the formula below:

  • Author Rewards SBD = total_payout * 50%
  • Author Rewards SP = total_payout * 50% / steem_to_sbd


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I think there is a real future for blockchain, and Steemit/Steem is using this right now!


I completely agree with you! Welcome to the future :)