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My name is Johnson Solomon but I prefer sticks though people think I'm a drummer that's why I used that nickname but I'm ain't one. I am a Nigerian from Ekiti state to be precised and a christian. I am dark in complexion so as my parent which shows I'm not a bastard (Lols). I aspire to be a microbiologist but I'm still up facing the wrath of the university of Ibadan hoping to get admitted this year by God's grace because this is the third and last time will sit for their exam. Though I post more of poems and stories on steemit because of my love for literature, I'm a rugged guy and a lover of designers. Though I don't get to buy the expensive ones because one needs to check his/her wallet before taking any step in Nigeria today.
My journey through steemit has been more like an adventure that has no end because I'm yet to achieve what I want and I think it's the most exciting journey so far. Steemit has helped open my eyes to so much things that I have never imagined I would have ever known.

If you can spare me just five minutes of your time to read through what I'm about to tell you about my life as a steemian, I will be so happy


I got to know about this great world of steemit from a boss, mentor, teacher and crypto king @tojukaka around July last year but u never took things serious because I was a victim of three promzi scheme and he never had time to explain the basics of it and how it works. He only told me me that I will post and get paid, I was like wow that will be very easy since I can easily get feeds from facebook or any other website. I registered in August last year, since I didn't know how it works, I didn't write any introductory post because I was just excited by the word post and get paid just like facebook. I copied my first post from a website funnily enough, it was flagged for plagiarism by cheetah but as a lane man, I was happy I made $0.01 and I was super excited that I got someone out there that knows the worth of my work. Like that I continued coping but I never made a dollar till I was tired of wasting data.
Later around October @ajremy showed my how much he has earned so far from posting on steemit within a month, I was flabbergasted: how did you manage to get that sum? I asked him, later in the day he explained the basics go me and asked me to start afresh. So I registered a fresh account by October last year which is the current account I'm using now.

Sorry guys, I know I requested for just five minute but have spent more and you must have finished your table water while reading this, you will need to get some pop corn and give me another 10minute because this is the most interesting part and I'm about taking you to the most exciting part of the world....


Finally by October I registered a new account as @ajremy adviced and he spared his time out of his busy schedule to mentor me. After three days I got approved and asked my small big boss, WHAT NEXT? The same question all newbies should ask after registration.
I wrote my first post which is my introductory post after which, other post followed but as its always been with minnows on steemit, being discovered by top curators was my greatest challenge as I worked day and night to make quality post but at the end one won't make $1. It became frustrating and I was feeling reluctant to post but I never stop because "winners never quit" I took my time to explore feeds and comment on quality post from minnow and also chat some whales up on discord for some tips. I've got to realise steemit is not about making posts and getting paid alone but about interacting, socializing and doing some tiny give away.
Soon enough I started getting some upvote from fellow minnows like me and sometimes from whales, even though the don't give much but it's still better than not among a cent..


After joining steemit my greatest goal is to become a whale, to be known all over the four walls of steemit and to help other minnow to where I am because my mom used to me this if you give one person today ten people will help you tomorrow because the know you will give them more later so I know if I win this contest today it will help promote me, my weekly riddle contest and it will help me to give more and help the upcoming newbies because thousands of people helped me to where I am today....


Steemit is more than a girlfriend to me she's always there to right my wrong
Steemit support me financially
Steemit helps improve my blogging skills
Steemit helps improve my writing skills

Thank you @runicar for the great opportunity to pour out my mind and help me to promote myself, I really do appreciate

hope I didn't take too much of your time
Signing out now @sirsticks

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Welcome to steemit

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Welcome to steemit @sirsticks. Glad to have you. Follow me if you may, I'll follow back ☺ Look forward to seeing your posts

Thank you

A big Welcome for you @sirsticks!
Nice to meet you! (:

Thank you

A true minnow that deserves our support! keep soaring higher man!

Welcome to steemit!