Round 1 is Closed, 874 Shares Sold

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Thanks to everyone who purchased shares in Round 1! We sold a total of 874 shares and now have a total of 1,078sp. Each share already has a value of 1.034 and going forward no share will ever be sold in this account for less then this amount. By selling shares at current value we protect the value of all current shareholders and never are taking away from you.

Below shows all confirmed shares as of today.

ShareholderOwned SharesDelegated Shares

Voting Weight

Right now I'm crazy busy with work and have a major expense I'm trying to make money to pay for so the redfish selections have been slow. Sorry, but real life does have to come first sometimes.

To make sure to give back as much as possible while the account isn't split in 2 voting pools everyone has been getting a 100% bonus to the vote they should be getting. This always happens during the share sale, but it will continue until time is made to sort out the redfish. This means for now you are getting a daily vote worth more then if you had self voted 10x...yes more than as the shares are already worth 103% of what you had paid for them.

Please understand this is a short term thing and will likely go away in around a week so enjoy the larger votes for now!

Next Share Sale

Haven't fully decided what is next. With the lower sales this round we have debated opening up @minnowbuilder again for Round 2 of sales and trying to fill up the first 3 accounts first. The ideal situation is to reach 5,000sp quickly and have a meaningful impact on every redfish we support. By opening up @minnowbuilder we could add to that account for 7 days and then roll right into a share sale for @minnowbuilder2 and then back to @minnowbuilder3.

The other option is to move forward to @minnowbuilder4 before moving back to @minnowbuilder. Right now I do not see us opening up MB5 or MB6 for some time.

If you have any opinions on this please let me know below. We are weighing all options and without question consider the feedback from our shareholders to be very important in the decision.


As always your support in terms of upvotes really makes a huge difference in the long term growth of this account. If you own shares each time you add a vote to our posts you are helping grow the accounts SP which means more voting power to your posts. It also means increased share value for you in the future should you decide to sell your shares. And maybe most importantly (IMO) it means we will have more SP to upvote the redfish.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Resteem for better acknowledgement!

I agree with you that the ideal situation would be to reach 5,000 SP (for each account). In this regard, I would put on hold the opening of @minnowbuilder4 but rather reopen the Round 2 for @minnowbuilder until it reaches, in an example, 2,000 SP.
Then, I would open Round 2 (the same way, until they reach 2,000 SP) for @minnowbuilder2 and @minnowbuilder3.

Then would see how the things are going for the eventual opening of @minnowbuilder4 or opening the Round 3 for the first 4 accounts until they reach, e.g., 3,000 SP and so on up to 5,000 SP.


@ana-maria This is the direction we are leaning. Right now there is a share sale for @minnowbuilder if you are interested in getting into that account. Read it's most recent post.

We aren't tying any share sale amounts to the offering, just letting people buy what they want and then moving to the next account. It will be a round robin from one account to the next for the next few weeks at least. Might do 2 rounds like this.


Thank you, for letting me know!


Happy to have you in that account too!