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RE: The Math of It All & Share Sales Start Tomorrow!

The main sale is for 7 days but this sale is for level one only. We want to fill each level with 1000 shares each. This will get the program off the ground. After this we will open up each level in turn and add more shares.
The first goal is 1000 shares per level
Then fill each level to 5000 shares.
We may increase the amount of shares per level
L1 5000shares
l2 6000shares. And so on.

But this is early days. The hope is to get the minnowbuilder project up and running to prove the theory. Then expand to speed up the progress of our minnows. (We are looking for current participants as well as new comers)
Then we have taked about the possibility of dolphin builder but for now lets take it onw step at a time


just to make sure I have my facts straight. your involved in this also. If so would you say your the developer

I have been working with @thedarkhorse on this project.

You did great work. it came out great. I can't thank you enough. You touch so many people and they have no idea.

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