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RE: MinnowBooster Update: New Custom Lease Prices Available!

in #minnowbooster5 years ago

nice step.
but what would happen to existing requests that are pending,
the refund is possible for pending requests so we can make new and valuable offers rather then waiting for 3 days expiry period.


You sure can, tell me what requests you want to cancel and I.ll cancel ther real quick :)

here are the two active request. kindly cancel both of them.
thanks for prompt response sir.

Both cancelled :)


could i please get mine canclled too @reggaemuffin so i can start over

User Delegation (SP) Delegation (VESTS) Weeks NETT APR** Expires In
ultravioletmag ~ 4096.612467928095238095238095238 SP 8602886.182649 VESTS 4 28.4% 1d 19h 57m 42s

Thank you will try Again

I don’t see any refund yet ? How long does it take to come through ?

Working on it, sorry for the delay

Hey no problem just as long as I know it’s coming I’m chill hahaha

Got it :) the manual cancel was a bit slow :)

thanks! i just panicked was lost to the ethers of space and time

@reggaemuffin is there a delay on seeing the steem come back, quite a lot for me to loose so having a mild panic why it’s not showing up

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