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A wise teacher walked through the forest with his faithful disciple, when he saw a poor looking place in the distance and decided to make a brief visit. During the walk he told the apprentice about the importance of knowing places and people, and about the learning opportunities offered by these experiences.

The house was made of wood and its inhabitants, a couple and their three children, wore dirty and torn clothes and were barefoot. The teacher approached the man, apparently the father of a family, and said:
-In this place there are no job opportunities or exchange points, how can you and your family survive?
The man replied calmly: - My friend, we have a vaquita that gives us several liters of milk every day. Some of the milk is sold or exchanged for other foods in the neighboring city, and with the rest we make cheese, curd and other products for our consumption. This is how we are surviving.

The wise person thanked the information and contemplated the place for a moment, before saying goodbye and leaving. Halfway there, he ordered his faithful disciple:

  • Look for the vaquita, take it to the precipice and push it!
    The young man looked at him in horror and told him that this animal was the means of subsistence for the family. Upon perceiving the absolute silence of the master, he obeyed the order: he pushed the vaquita towards the ravine and saw it die. That scene was recorded in his memory.

One day, the disciple decided to abandon everything he had learned and return to that place to tell the family the truth and ask for forgiveness. He did so, and when he got close he saw everything very beautiful, different from how he remembered it. He felt sad, imagining that this humble family had to sell their land to survive. He quickened his pace and, upon arrival, was greeted by a very kind man, whom he asked about the people who lived there four years ago. The man replied that they were still there.

Overwhelmed, the young man ran to the house and confirmed that it was the same family he had visited some years before with the teacher. He praised the place and asked the Lord, the owner of the vaquita:
-How did you do to improve this place and change your life?
Excited, the man replied:
-We had a cow that fell off the cliff and died. From then on we saw ourselves in the need to do other things and develop other skills that we did not know we had; this way we achieve the success that your eyes see now.

This is the reality of what has been called a comfort zone. We are so satisfied with the state of affairs that surrounds us that we do not develop other possibilities. We only need a surprise event to realize that security can be our worst adviser and that it prevents us from seeing the horizon.

For example, Steemit gives them money to eat if possible, but I do not think it's enough for clothes because they do not look for a job that offers more money. You have to improve the ruin

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