how much should a resteem be worth it? and will anybody buy that? I think these bots exist a lot already

It would be interesting to setup an account with a lot of visibility/followers and allow people to bid on having that account resteem a few articles a day.

Many minnows have said they would rather have a resteem from someone with followers, than a vote or even a tip. These are people who are proud of their content and want others to see it. These users are more valuable to me than those who just want more payout regardless of what they write.

I am not saying this group should build it, but I have been wondering how we can help people to pay for visibility. Promote doesn't always work and I have quit looking at it.

good ideas. We are certainly looking into that area but are still in the planning phase.

@raggaemuffin I discussed it with aggroed earlier today. he may share the full ideas I suggest in details with you and if you think we can discuss further please let me know in PAL. I would love to see it come to life. I wanted to have a chat with you but couldn't find you anywhere.

You can just chat me up on discord, same name in pal and minnowbooster discord

thank u ... resteem is actually the core of this site where everybody share their SP with each other...I mean, it iscalled re-steem after all...sharing is happiness but sharing steem is a "dreem" lol am all fired up with this implementation and willing to invest my 2 cents in it all the way... dont let the steem cool down on us @whatsup...because that is "whatsup" !!

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