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RE: MinnowBooster : Abuse Cases Defined

Hi, I´ve been un-voted by you only because I did not have enough words written. I did the artwork by myself, I did the photography by myself. No copy—paste, no duplication. This is unique content accordingly to the whitepaper of Steemit. — I am not amused about MB, of course. This is my un-voted article:


Given my own collection of Type 7 / 550 and Type 4 / 275 paracord, you've gained a follower! Thats's some beautiful man-macrame right there.

Oh, thanks for commenting. Post a picture of one of yours, if you want. It would be nice seeing more Steemians who love that. Have a nice week!

I haven't made anything that awesome yet. Only ridgelines, guylines, zipper pulls, lashings, boot laces and the like. Oh - i did make and wear MeZilch's Quick Deploy paracord bracelet. It's basically a hangman's knot with a stopper on the standing end. It's a single piece of cord, so not as aesthetic as your work.

Thank you for your compliments🙂. If you have time and want a little fun try out some knots. It´s not as difficult as it seems. Good luck!

Hey @paracord-freak, sorry this happened to you and even more sorry I missed your comment. Please chat me up on discord: and I can check why we unvoted your post as this could be a mistake.