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Year end Promo from Minnowbooster!

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Read on for a year-end promo!

Yes, fans ... it's that time of the year again. The year is coming to a close soon, with just tad more than a month left on the calendar.

It's too early for us to reflect back on the whole year but a perfect time to remind everyone, that Minnowbooster post-promotion bot is still one of the most profitable post boosting tools out there.

For bloggers and communities; every amount of support counts these days. Don't worry, there is always light between darkness and music between the silence.

Yes - we heard you. Minnowbooster will raise the profits on purchased votes to 6% for normal users and 12% for whitelisted users until the year number 2019 arrives and brings new winds. This means that even in the difficult market we are in, you can purchase votes with confidence knowing you will get a return when the post pays out, barring any further significant market dips of course. You will also gain visibility and ensure your blog is top of mind and hopefully gain some new followers in the process.

Additionally, for those who have been looking for larger votes to promote posts, there is good news for you as well! We finally have larger votes available to give that extra boost and show off your masterpiece in the Hot page of to all visitors.

You heard us - the profits are up and votes are up! So grab your crayons, your pencil or your favourite text editor and give a good effort for yourself and for all your audience. Make yourself heard and seen!

Head over to to see the full range of available votes and an easy interface for users to promote their posts.

Remember you can also send a memo to minnowbooster with your post url and the amount of SBD you want to spend, but do check our website for available vote ranges first, here is a screenshot of what you can expect to see:

If you're not much into posting, make sure to check out some of our other services to enhance your Steemit year-end experience:

Steemvoter Beta - automate your voting and maximizze curation rewards, create guilds and voting trails, all that in a blazing fast environment

GINA - your personal Steem/Discord assistant. GINA will notify you directly via Discord direct messages of important Steem events, which you have full control over to set up here in the Buildteam Discord server. If you want to get more acquainted, head over to GINA's profile at and read up!

More than that - stay tuned, as our team of developers has multiple things in the works

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I delegated my steem power to minnowbooster from i long time ago and i received good prifit (sbd) everyday. but from last week i didnt received (sbd) from minnowbooster and in a week last 3 days i received only 0.01$ (sbd) per day!

so, can you plz tell me @minnowbooster is there something wrong with daily (sbd) reword or how its working and how it will work in future?
note : i delegated 1,300 (sp)

so, plz explain me a bit is there any chance to become profitable business with @minnowbooster now or near future?

thanks advance!

I remember the days when minnowbooster used to give 4x up votes for 1 buck 😂

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nice promotion

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Agreed 100% I do all my post promoting and vote selling with MB! Thanks for awesome service and profitable upvotes even in a down market! YOU ROCK!

Congratulations @minnowbooster!
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Thanks for updates, appreciated.