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MinnowBooster: The DLM Now Offering Improved Escrow Security!

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Hello Minnows! We thought today would be a good day to tell you about an important new policy regarding the @minnowbooster Delegation Leasing Market. As you know the DLM is a service that brings parties together, people who need Steem Power and others who have SP on hand, both have the ability to participate in a service that we call the DLM.

When you request a lease, the payment must be made up front. MinnowBooster then holds the funds in escrow until a suitable delegation provider can be found, at which point after the delegation has been made the user account responsible for filling the order receives their payment in increments ensuring that the delegation holder receives what they pay for over the term length of their lease and ensuring the user gets the delegation that was contracted or prorata refunded if the delegator pulls the delegation early.

Today we'd like to quickly take the opportunity to educate users about our innovative use of the savings account on Steem as a means to keep customer funds safe.

There is no doubting the fact that MinnowBooster takes the protection of our users' escrow funds seriously.

We pride ourselves on the fact that customer funds are always secure and that our users are satisfied in the fact that when a deal is made, it is honored.

In an effort to bring about even more stability in our system, we have recently implemented a system whereby a portion of Steem and liquid SBD is held in savings at all times, leaving just enough in liquid form to cover the daily nett averaged escrow cashflow.

If savings are accessed due to any compromise, the withdrawl takes place in 3 days, which is long enough reaction time to prevent loss. This is just one way we are contributing to making the Steem ecosystem safer and more robust for years to come.

Remember, this feature is not only unique to Minnowbooster, every Steem account can do this. We encourge users to safeguard their own funds in savings with a 3 day access lock; or even safer as powered up Steem Power which has weekly withdrawls in equal instalments (Power Down), over 13 weeks. Be sure to secure your funds today!

Now that you have heard about our improvements, why not learn a bit more about how the DLM can help you by watching this outstanding video brought to you by our very own @nelkeljdm:



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Great. A great development and also a great advice. Every steemit user must try to make sure he safeguard his or her accounts funds either by the saving method or the powering up method. I preferred the powering up method in my own case because it provides more security to your account than the saving account method. But anyone is good to go to help you to safeguard your funds in your account. Nice piece.

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@yellowbird 黄鸟 迎着大雪 滑着帆船给您送来


I have been thinking more about using the savings feature for my SBD balance as I am thinking of buying externally for future use as a stablecoin. I wish they would apply some type of interest feature which I think is possible but not in use.

That's good. I've been waiting for you to make some better security since December 2017.

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Now ill get it.

Well played.