MinnowBooster - By Popular Demand, The Whitelist Lives On!

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Greetings from @MinnowBooster! A while back we asked our users a very important question. The question was 'How important do you view the whitelist to be and is it an effective tool to increase the quality of posts promoted with MinnowBooster.'

This question was posed in the post linked below:


As many of you already may know it has been more than 9 months since we introduced the MinnowBooster Community managed whitelist.

The list allows already established and respected members to invite other users, whose blog quality they deemed high and eventually, vote them into the list as well.

The main questions we posed in the post above can be found in this paragraph below:

Should we scrap the whitelist, allowing every MinnowBooster user equal but increased profit, making our services much simpler and more transparent?

Don't most of us belong on same profitability scale with equal access for all?

The responses were overwhelmingly negative about removing the whitelist as a large number of users weighed in claiming they truly believe it provides value and makes the post promotion service much more legitimate.

We want to let you all know that we've listed to your views and opinions and have decided internally that although changes may need to be made to the whitelist, overall it is a force for good and a needed community tool!

Your voice matters to us!

We do hope to develop the whitelist further and improve on its current state as we believe there is still much room for improvement.

If you are curious about the whitelist and would like to learn more feel free to check out this amazing post recently published by @mvd to get the full scope of the project:


Thanks for using MinnowBooster!

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