Huge Return on the Delegation Leasing Market!

in minnowbooster •  4 months ago

Hello Steemians. Recently our delegation leasing market saw an incredibly high APR (Annual percentage rate) of 38%! One lucky Steemian was able to able to fill up this delegation.

Our very own @nelkeljdm has put together a quick but informative video below show casing how to fill lease orders on the delegation leasing.

We hope you enjoy the video and if you have any further questions please feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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Wow, lucky that.
I hope to see more of those high APR in the future!


Don't we all! :)

Good enfo

I did lend you my voting power for the last 6 months and i'am happy with the result :-)


Very happy to hear, glad you are enjoying our service.


now i just need to grow a little more so i can start using these neat services.
how a bout initial boost service, where you make a contest and choose a random fellow( like me, or others) to boost for free. so everyone could have a chane to enjoy the service and it would be a great promotion. with lots of resteems. and so forth.. cheers

Great video, Once the lease is up how would one go about un-delegating?


Hi, you will receive a SteemConnect undelegate memo from the @minnowbooster account, just copy the link into your browser and sign with your active key to undelegate. If you have issues please contact our support at

With the steem very low price I think the rate per steem would be 180 sp for 1 steem so you do not have much loss.

Author, you are a professional, you have a great blog. I signed up for you and would appreciate it if you would sign up for me in return. Let's help each other to develop =) # followback

Thank you so much for posting so beautiful for everyone

thank you @minnowbooster for the information, this is very useful for steemian, especially for myself.

I am watching the video later, but I want to Thank you for your upvote its appreciated !

Great service! My returns have been very good. Following.

Hello minnowbooster!

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this is awesome. i am currently doing my dd on what is the best option currate or delegate my steem(i am not a writer). i needed something like this. thanks

Thanks and congratulations for sharing this publication. Great, follow me and I'll follow you friend

Nice I love your post

Thanks and congratulations for sharing this publication.

Hello @minnowbooster nice to see that minnow booster is giving huge payout to delegators.keep going but there is a service which gives alittle bit more than yours that is @betgames . I think a lot of people dont know about it and i made a ppst also about its delegation but no body saw my post because i am a they dont care aboit minnow's post.
@betgames gives $1 SBD for 15 days if you delegate 100 SP and $2 SBD for 30days
In addition to it it gives a weekly upvote on every thursday for every delegator's post which is $0.26 upvote value. I thibk no service can give more than this.this is my favourite delegation service next is yours...
Thank you