Good morning Steemit! Earn SBD or STEEM with Minnowbooster, Ethereum hardfork and market thoughts

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Good morning Steemit and traders! I have good news for you, if you're a passive Steemer and want to put your STEEM POWER to work for you.

Minnowbooster is currently beta testing a new service, where users can authorize Minnowbooster to sell their vote via the Minnowbooster upvote service.

Users joining this program can expect 75% of what users send to be deposited into their Minnowbooster balance, should their vote be used to upvote that client. Minnowbooster balance can be then withdrawn to their Steem wallet or to be used in various other ways in the future. Roughly - user selling their vote can expect to earn at least 25% of what their vote is worth. Bear in mind that this is in heavy beta, so things can break.

To authorize this service, log in to minnowbooster website, set the checkmark and authorize via SteemConnect. That's it. You can remove the authozation at anytime.


Please visit the post by @mooncryption, he has some indepth info there (the payout info in the post has some inaccuracies though, he will update it soon enough though):

Also - you can earn STEEM by delegating your sleeping STEEM POWER on the market to hungry hungry minnows. Currently we have 7 users waiting for their SP lease orders to be filled.
See those orders here:

Alright - to the markets now! It seems we have a quiet day coming up, but later in the day i hear we have an Ethereum hardfork? Huh? Via

We haven't really checked the ETHUSD chart for a while, so let's mark this triangle pattern on the chart:

Later at night we have New Zealand CPI coming up, so let's see what NZDUSD tech's promise us. No simple chart, unfortunately - downtrend within a larger sideways move. Marked some levels there.

nzdusd no simple chart.PNG

And we have also Monetary Policy meeting minutes from the RBA, so let's review the AUDUSD chart as well. Sink back to support or up to resistance again? The levels are clear.


Alright peeps, that's all for now, talk to you later again. Trade safe, everyone!

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Are you looking for Minnowbooster, Buildteam or Steemvoter support? Or are you looking to grow on Steemit or just chat? Check out Minnowbooster Discord Chat via the link below.



I'm on the other end of minnowbooster - I am leasing delegated sp and I'm so grateful to all who make it possible.

I used to vote at .01 for July and August and got nowhere here. Now I vote at about 12 cents and I get respect and action from my efforts. I outrank big fish on post payouts all the time now because they vote with weak power and at low percent on the slider.

I vote at 100% and make each vote count. This has been a big difference. It costs me about 30 STEEM per month and my sp doubled from 60 to 120 in sept and I know it will do better in October. My new followers and all other measures of my performance have increased dramatically. [excpet my own post payouts, but I'm working on it!]

I wish I would have leased delegated sp as soon as I had the sbd to do it and I recommend this to all new minnows who care about upvoting, curation, rewards and sp.

Thank you!

You are a prime example of what leasing SP from minnowbooster is about.

If you make a post about it, please tag me so I can resteem it.

tip! 5

I will! Thank you for that offer and I really should do a post. I appreciate the push. It's an easy way the big guys can help and a huge difference to the little minnows :)

Wow! That's so amazing. What a fantastic boost. Thank you so much :) This makes my steeming day.

Thank you, i'm also looking forward to that post. Thumbs up!

Thank you for sharing, I appreciated your posting.

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