20 Steembasicincome Shares To Minnow-ASAP Users.

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20 SBI Shares Sent:


I previously said that I would give the 4 Minnow-ASAP users 5 SBI Shares/Units each, and this is just a quick update to tell you that I stand by my words: @wildhomesteading, @kansuze, @skramatters and @curatorcat got 5 SBI Shares each about ~12 hours ago.


An awesome Steemian, which I would refer to as a friend of mine even though we've never met in person... A great personality and supporter who've encouraged and helped me in many different ways, @preparedwombat, is actually the biggest reason for this to happen.

You see, @preparedwombat has not only been kind enough to support me and my previous initiatives and projects, he has also been an incredibly generous person who've helped to strengthen the middle class and the whole ecosystem on Steem for a long period of time. And truth to be told, I would probably never have cared much for SBI (@steembasicincome) if it weren't for him.

  • Take a look at his previous article:

"In various posts and comments I’ve mentioned how much I like the fact that when you’re buying @steembasicincome shares/units by default you’re helping to strengthen Steemlandia’s ecosystem because you’re simultaneously buying shares/units for yourself and for others."

His kindness, approach and mindset goes a long way, and he has given away SBI shares to dozens and dozens of users. So, don't thank me for this. @preparedwombat is the one who deserves it.


That being said, we're on a mission to strengthen the middle class. We might do things differently and we have our own paths and ideas, but the most important part is that we're heading towards the same goal. A strong middle class and a healthy ecosystem.

@wildhomesteading, @kansuze, @skramatters and @curatorcat has come a long way so far. With the support of Minnow-ASAP, they've become even stronger and you can see from a mile away that we're doing great things.


I obviously already knew that the creator of the @tenkminnows project, @steevc, was very supportive and that he had already been supporting the Minnow-ASAP project personally... But I couldn't imagine that he would think of combining the strengths of the #tenkminnows with the Minnow-ASAP to grow users in an even faster pace.

But, just like he said:

"Together we can get them there sooner."

This is what I love about STEEM in general. The commitment and passion. That feeling of "one small act of kindness"-type of attitude is truly wonderful and the positivity and encouragement spreads like wildfire as long as we're heading towards the same goal.



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@preparedwombat @steevc @hitmeasap and everyone involved in supporting the rise of the middle class I thank you for your contributions and support.

It looks like after this two week period I'll be over halfway there ! That's amazing for something I had put an 18 month target on just a few weeks ago. If I can sustain this pace I believe I can organically reach minnow within my first year of steeming..

My real drive is to be able to upvote comments and not have them dusted.. If steem and I can keep climbing I'll be there in no time.

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Thank you very much! :)

Thank you very much for the support @preparedwombat!


Lots of momentum is taking place with these initiatives so I think we will see much more growth in Minnows in the coming months as this first phase has been successful and captured plenty of attention.

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"now we're cooking with crisco" which is to say we got some good stuff about to jump out of the frypan.. in this case its a redfish fry!

Is it odd to anyone else that minnows are the only fresh water species in our ecosystem? Am I over-thinking this? Im looking to become the first sea turtle here anyway , slow and steady, plus they're amphibious...

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I've seen @preparedwombat doing good work before. I love this community. I have contributed an extra SBI share to each of your proto-minnows. @tenkminnows is also following them to offer support and has posted about this.

That is awesome, thank you very much! :)

!tipuvote :)

Great work! And yes, @preparedwombat is an inspiration. He does a lot for the Steem community. (I say this even though he’s my brother-in-law and I also have to occasionally give him a hard time! He is the one who got me involved in this crazy addictive adventure! 😁) Thank you for supporting the middle class. Rising waters raise all ships. (And minnows.)

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Thank you for all the support! I just love the fact that all these "Middle Class Building" initiatives are popping up and running concurrently... Imagine what we can achieve with the community if we have 10,000+ active members who are all capable of casting 10 daily upvotes, all above the "dust threshold!"