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Lyft driver abandons pilot in parking lot after learning he would only make $6 on ride
Fox News Sun, Apr 8 9:45 PM GMT+3
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A pilot for a major airliner is accusing a Lyft driver of ditching him in a random parking lot on his way to LAX after realizing how little money he would be making on the trip. On Thursday morning, pilot Darryl, who requested his last name not be used, used the ride-hailing app Lyft to take him to Los Angeles International Airport where he was catching a flight at 7:30 am, KTLA reported. Darryl said his initial Lyft ride had been canceled because the driver was too far from where the pilot was staying in Hermosa Beach, California. The second driver was coming from LAX when he picked Darryl up. "He ... picked me up, I loaded the bag and we and we started to leave, and then I guess he looked at ...


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