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I signed up for steemit in September 2016 but did not post anything until 26 days ago. There was a lot to learn (still is). Once I commited to being a part of this community I knew that I had made the correct decision. In 26 days I've aquired fifty followers!


So I thought I'd write and thank all of you who are "following" me. I'm very grateful to you all. As a steemian minnow I think this is the first accomplishment on my check-list wth more to follow! Coincidentally I have a reputation score of 58. I am a perfect example of someone who has been shown a new world and the steemit community welcoming me into their embrace.

This is just the beginning!


I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to what I really wish to accomplish with this platform. I'm currently in the midst of relocating and the rest of January until mid March are going to be hectic. I shall try to keep bringing you thoughtful, funny and intellectually stimulating content.

Below are some links that I've found useful as I started on my journey with steemit. It is up to us minnows to not only promote but to help other minnows starting out.
Using http://steemtools.com/ has given me a big help as I start on steemit. Here are some useful links. There is so much more to steemit than just writing evergreen content.


Stay positive my fellow steem minnows...slowly but surely with patience all things come to fruition!


I'm very grateful to the steemit community .....Thanks again. Excelsior!!!!!

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Congratulations!! That's awesome ;) Not too long ago I did my 100 followers post and I have to say I was extremely fortunate that when I got the post up I actually had 101 followers, the reason I was fortunate was that several hours after I put the post up some very...nice... person here decided to drop me! I was extremely grateful to that extra follower let me tell you, haha! So to ensure this does not happen to you my new friend, I am hitting that follow button ;)


Thank you very much @dreemit! I was a bit shocked to find that I jumped up to 52 followers since writing this post! Thank you for sparing me....hehe. This is exactly what I am referring too about community and coming together to help one another! I love steemit.


I know, I love the community spirit as well! @merej99 is always doing fundraisers for other members and I've been trying to follow her lead. My Happy Whiskey Wednesday post which always features my brother playing music, includes a member in need of a boost this week and I'm giving the monetary side of the 50/50 to him. If you have a moment check it out ;)
Oh, my thing is writing, mostly fiction :)

At what level do you become a dolphin?


If I remember correctly once you achieve 5k steem power... then you become a dolphin. Still aways to go but I can't wait until I achieve that status!


Challenge accepted!


Around 5000 SteemPower. So 10 M vests. If you want to find your vests you will see them on Steemd.com or Steem.cool. Steemd is more accurate. But each vest is around 480 SteemPower.

Thanks, I'm gonna read the links. And will try to follow you now:)



No...thank you @markush. I'm just starting out, but love the idea of what you can do with steemit.

Congrats your very true there is a lot of information that needs to be learned. Just don't give up your on your way.


Absolutley correct @smysullivan. Can't give up... staying focused and helping others along the journey :-)

right on! congrats :)
keep it up!!