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Aside from anything Steem related, are there any PoW chains that are of interest? I was looking at Pascal Coin, which is weird because you have to buy it before you can mine it. That's Red Flag in my book.

I have also been looking at PURA which is an X11 coin. I'm not really interested in anything that ASIC-able. I'm interested in preferably CUDA efficient algorithms, however I'm curious about anything new.

Glad to see XMR and SIA doing so well. Steem seems to be dwindling a bit, but maybe thats just more incentive to mine it :D

ZCash as well as ZClassic and the rest of its clones are also in a downward trend... maybe not entirely downard, but not following suit as the other more popular/higher maker cap coins.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You can mine PascalCoin without buying an account by setting your miner to your poloniex address.payload account in the mining pool. In this case, the mining pool will send your coins to poloniex. But if you want to receive your coins in you local wallet, you have to buy an account.

XMR is the best choice nowdays i think.

It may be the best choice... but i'm looking for that pump and dump quick fix to get me interested back in the game.

@unclemusclez I am mining ZEC because I have Nvidia GPU-s but look at this on https://whattomine.com/
Look for the Musicoin.
It pumped a few days ago and for a breef period it was more profitable than ETH!!! I think its not the end yet...
I was talking about ithttps://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@kapetanic/musicoin-started-playing-analysis just before thishttps://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@kapetanic/musicoin-yes-it-started-playing-like-jimi ;-)

Anyways, we shall see... ;-)

Steem on!

I messed up and didn't mine ZEC when it first came out. Now it seems like its too late to really make a difference. Normally, by the time I start asking questions is right when the bubble bursts. I'm expecting XMR/ETH/ZEC/LTC to crash any second now. Hopefully there is some new little baby shitcoin out there that I can help forge with my 1080s.

:-D shitcoin :-D
@unclemusclez well, its a matter of risk, aint it? Start mining almost non-profitable shitcoin and hope for it to skyrocket whilw you hold on to what youve mined! ;-) you never know...

I'm not really risking anything... i just want to know whats the word on the street? what are the kids buying these days? whats the next Doge?

try musicoin for a time and see

Hi @kapetanic Here's some more good news about Musicoin. They just wrapped up a promising pilot program with @theharddata
The Hard Data - Musicoin Pilot Program