The only thing to do with crypto I bought in December 2017 that is still worth what I paid for it ( No Im not talking about EOS)

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Well though we are in the midst of a nice bull-run, or are we? If you were like me and bought all your crypto in mid December 2017, chances are, every single one of them is still at a 3rd or half of its value, or in the case of ETN, 15% of its value.

Looking back at the last few months I have been very discouraged about all my crypto invesments until I cam across the receipt for my mining rig.

Not only have I made a fair amount of profit from my 5 GTX 1080TI mining rig, they have also increased in price buy $200 a GPU since buying them. That's if you can even get your hands on one seeing they are all sold out locally.

When you consider this, I should at minimum be able to recover the $1000.00 I paid for each GPU if I were to sell them locally on kijiji. I know I had a number of offers when I was thinking about doing it.

January Profits: $500.00
February Profits : $400.00
March Profits: $600.00 ( I got lucky and was mining XVG all month before the pump)
April Profits: $350.00 ( Sad month)

So for 2018 my current profits on my rig is roughly : $1850.00 which is roughly a 32% ROI from the original $5700.00 I spent. Its no 2X or 5X, but its sure a lot better than anything else I bought in December 2017.

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Should do a post about your rig if you haven't already done it. All my crypto came from my rig. 4 years later it paid for itself 20 times over. I love geeking out over peoples rigs .


LOL I will work on that. Id be in a profit position on everything if my mining profits did that. I think the days of 10X and 20X 50X gains are over. Id be happy if I could 3X on the all by end of year on my mining profits. Sadly everything I have mined has dropped 60-80%.

I Started mining GBX @ $70.00 and it dropped to $6.00 - I mined that for 2 months almost.
I mined BWK for 2 months and it went from $18.00 to .90. I mined DGB and it went from .12 - .02 lol
I also mined ETN for a while and it dropped from .20 - .02. lol Everything I touch is garbage.
For the last month I have been mining bitcoin with the nicehash miner and just buying ADA with the weekly profits. That's strategy has at least held its value