How to unlock the Core Voltage Control in MSI Afterburner

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I've been asked twice how this works.
I thought, I'd compile a short guide for Steemit for future reference.
This is the slider I'm talking about:

If changing it in the Properties menu doesn't work:

( In all cases, this had no effect )
The easiest way to fix this is by editing this file:


Got to the installation folder of MSI Afterburner.
Go to Profiles.
Default in Windows 7:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner\Profiles

Delete everything inside that file.
Then copy&paste this:


Save this file with the same name to a different folder ( Desktop for example )
Now swap both files ( This is easier than changing permissions )

Restart MSI Afterburner

Now the Core Voltage Slider should be unlocked.
I will write another post on how to find the best settings for your card.

I found this method here:
( Step 1 & 2 didn't work for me )
I thought a written guide might be easier for some people than a 10 minute video.

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good stuff! but i wasn't trust these back in the days , BIOS update all the away up!

With Afterburner you can change the settings 'on the fly' ...
Once you have found your preferred settings, you can then flash the BIOS.