My first Mining Rig! What all do you need.

in mining •  2 years ago 

Step 1: Procuring the components of your rig. In this article I would cover only the components. We will discuss assembly in the next one. Stay Tuned!

The prodigal son returns, an updated version of the RX 460/70/80 series and I was lucky enough to get the OC (over clock) version. We bought 4 of these.

Now this has a slight error, due to the placements of the 16x and 1x pins of the graphics card on the mother board, we had to change it to ASUS 270A

The energy eater, if graphics card is the heath this one is the lungs of the systems, providing the necessary joules. The SPMS, Switched-Mode Power supply, for a 5 card system we chose a 1 KW SMPS.

Now it needs a RAM (6 GB is enough). A dual core Intel processor and a SSD card for memory.

You're good to go.

In the next post we'll unbox the items and learn to assemble it.

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What is the price of this configuration?

About 3125 USD