Litecoin Mining Stats Update

in mining •  2 years ago 

Monday has finally arrived. Yay? I don't know. I woke up this morning in a very favorable position in the market and was able to get some of my day-trading goals out of the way early (trying to consistently make 1-3% a day to see if I have the meddle to do it, I might start another line of posts about that if I have the time). I was offered another development project that looks like it might not only be lucrative but well-paced (a rarity in the small to medium-sized business space). Overall, I'm feeling pretty good today. But, I digress. Let's dive into the stats.

No changes to the mining clock speeds--I probably won't touch them until I have the new cooler installed--so the hash rate is still lower than it should be. Still getting about 0.37-0.39 LTC/day. I'm getting more and more tense about this simply because my target--and the actual average for some time--has been 0.5 LTC/day. With the price of Litecoin currently hovering in the $150 range, I'm actually not feeling too bad about the value, though.

The temperature situation is the big stickler here--as is often the case. I have a plan in motion, but it might take a little longer to execute than distribution day (the 15th is when I divvy up the LTC that has been mined and distribute it to myself and my partner).

I started to get a little emotional about the price point, but then I remembered the greatest piece of advise I've ever been given in investing; If your plan is good, it will work as long as you don't deviate from it. A few times in my day-trading I've made the mistake of following the rabbit--I would look at the price a while after a sell and think, "man, if I'd have stayed in," but that's counterproductive. My plan puts me in a certain place so long as I can execute, so whether or not I sell early isn't as important (in my plan) as simply making the daily gain I desire. Anyway, off-topic again.

As you can see, the temps are looking pretty good given the circumstances; However, there was a hiccup this morning. There was an odd sort of fast ticking noise coming from the interior intake when I went to check on things, so I started my normal troubleshooting technique starting at the intake itself, through the filter-housing and into the inline booster. The interior intake is very wide and short and mounted on the floor in order to pick up the coolest air possible (until I can sort out the new cooler and do away with the dual intake system entirely). You can't even imagine the draw this thing has. When one of our sons went to do laundry, they apparently dropped a dryer sheet on the floor a couple of feet from the intake and it sucked it right in. I found the sheet perfectly splayed out on the center of the filter, you can see the temperature drop from where I removed the obstruction. I had intended to put a grill on the intake, but I'm trying not to restrict the airflow at all if possible. It won't be a problem after this week, I hope.

In summary, things are going very well given the temperature issues I've been faced with. No severe damage to any of the expensive bits of the rig brought on by the overheating (particularly the miners themselves, in fact, they're pretty tough). Profit is still well above operating cost, and I think we'll be on track to add another couple of machines in a few months. The only thing I'm debating there is whether or not I want to diversify the coin at this point. The L3+ is still the best return for the power usage--soon it might not matter, though.

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