Can the new Ryzen 5 2400G mine Cryptocurrency? How's it really perform #livestream

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BBT Carter is back with a fresh build and a new Ryzen 5 2400G build that will be used for the wife's streaming PC. We wanted to know though, could we allocate enough memory to accommodate for the APU to actually mine cryptocurrency. Additionally what where the real performance numbers.

Previous PC Covered:
Case: NZXT 400i -
CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G APU -
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-BA350m Gaming 3 -
AirCooler: Ryzen Wraith Max -
Mem: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3600 -
GPU (Built on the 2400g)
PSU: Thermaltake 750w -
DRIVE: Samsung 960 EVO M2 -

Thermal Paste used - Grizzly Thermal Paste as used on Gamers Nexus:
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0:00 - Intro + talking future builds/fixing stream :)
3:55 - Abu Dhabi Vlog video coming up
5:10 - Rig introduction/parts list
14:23 - Talking about the Lai Bai mining motherboards (and some chat questions)
20:30 - System overview (drivers, settings, device manager etc.)
22:45 - CPU-Z stock benchmark
24:22 - Cinebench stock benchmark (CPU)
26:13 - Cinebench stock benchmark (GPU)
28:25 - Ethereum stock settings (failed due to 1gb VRAM)
29:13 - UBIQ stock settings (failed due to 1gb VRAM)
30:22 - Some additional system settings
32:28 - Monero stock settings (failed seeing the correct GPU memory)
35:20 - Feathercoin stock settings (sort of working)
38:21 - Zcash stock settings (failed seeing the correct GPU memory)
39:17 - Siacoin stock settings
42:03 - Zcoin stock settings (failed/bluescreened)
44:10 - Zcoin second attempt (failed again)
45:00 - Explanation on how the screen is captured
49:36 - Zclassic stock settings (failed seeing the correct GPU memory)
49:44 - Troubleshooting starts
52:28 - BIOS settings + some chat questions
1:12:26 - Carter finaly wakes up and finds the setting for the VRAM :P
1:14:42 - System increased virtual instead of dedicated VRAM
1:15:45 - UBIQ with new settings (failed)
1:16:17 - Siacion with new settings
1:17:50 - Trying to OC the RAM with Gigabyte Easytune
1:27:35 - Cinebench benchmark CPU with faster RAM (probably)
1:31:15 - 3DMark benchmark (capture not working while benching)
1:34:12 - 3DMark benchmark with working capture
1:37:00 - 3DMark fire Strike benchmark (cancelled)
1:38:30 - Loading BIOS optimized defaults and some CPU + RAM tweaking
1:42:20 - Image capture not working after the optimized defaults
1:43:24 - Image capture up again
1:46:00 - GPU RAM upped to 2gb again
1:47:00 - Cinebench benchmark CPU single core with new tweaks + Tax talk (US only)
1:58:46 - Up and coming streams + GPU at near MSRP at Mirco Center + Outro

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Timestamps suggest that Ryzen 5 2400G APU is not good option to mine these cryptos :)