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RE: SKYROAD.ME | The Snowmen are invading! I need your help! | Earn Rewards (+20 SBI | SP | PLKN | GG | BATTLE)

in #minecraft10 months ago

I don't know if my internet is good enough, but I will try to log on shortly and destroy a few snowmen. I will be using my wife's account so I'm not sure how you will tie the user to the steem account lol


Hey there, @lacking.

If you can't see the snowmen, just run some blocks forward. =)

If you tell me here how the name of the account is, I can send you the rewards once the contest ended. If you get at least 250 kills, you also get a bonus reward, e.g. 1 SBI or 0.5 SP.

my username is SaskGypsy and I have around 400 kills so far. Going to pause to do dishes

Ok, I see! =) You can use /etop in the game to view your reward + rank. Rewards may change, since the reward is pool based, you will get the bonus anyways.

If you don't like to get SBI, just tell me what kind of token you want. :)

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