Five practical solutions to Kill smartphones addiction ...(original)

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Programming & designing Smartphone apps is my practical area and my experience, based on this experience , I cantell you that your addiction to smartphones is not specifically related to your personality ,and you are not the main reason for this addiction.
Companies which design these smartphone's applications are the main cause, because they deliberately design their apps in a way that makes you addicted to the longest possible period.
They exploit psychological weaknesses that are existed in most human beings and are Scientifically proven.
I well not oft-talk about the damage caused by the addiction of smart phones such as physical damage like neck and back pain or mental damage like mental distraction and anxiety.I think most of us know these damages very well and live part of them, So we will take practical steps directly...

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The first step to getting rid of the smartphone is to download a game on this smartphone:

NO ,NO I am not kidding ...
There is actually a game on smartphones called "FOREST" available for Android and IOS
The idea of this game is simple. It depends on motivating you to stop using your phone in a game-like system.
After downloading and opening the game allows you to set a certain period where you can not use your phone from 10 minutes to 2 hours...
You should take advantage of this period to do your work ,tasks or study ...ect
In the beginning, the game cultivates for you a small plant grows over time to become a tree...
If your phone is not used, the tree will be added to your farm, but if your phone is used before the end of the period, the tree will wither and die. The goal, of course, is to increase the number of trees in your farm, This does not happen unless you have completed your duties away from the phone. That is precisely the goal we seek.

IOS       Android

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The second step is to hide most notifications

Notifications are one of the tools used by programmers and designers to steal your attention .
In fact most of notifications are Useless and needless ,You should block all notifications except important ones (such as email if your work depends on ) As for the rest of unnecessary notifications, it will not work but to distract you and waste your time.Make your default behavior after each app downloaded is to block this app's notifications

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The third step is to rearrange the icons on your phone:

There is a type of browsing for smartphones and the Internet in general called "Mindless Browsing" It is to enter any site or open any app without awareness or need Just because it is in your face In order to avoid this Mindless use, applications must be rearranged on the phone.For Home screen,it MUST be free of any app you are addicted to, Settle for apps you really need for your business or study.Collect all media apps and games in a special folder ,and I prefer to rename it as a" time wasting folder"To warn yourself every time you are about to use them
designed by me

fourth step is to Give up you phone at the beginning and end of the day

Our smartphone has become one of the most important devices in our lives to the point that it no longer leaves us at any time or place. However,One of the worst times that our phone can accompany us is before bedtime and after waking up.
Using the phone before sleep is one of the biggest causes of insomnia and reduces our ability to enter the deep sleep stage
One the other hand, one the worst things you could do after You're out of bed is to take your phone up scanning news and social media. when you do so you are putting your brain into distraction as soon as you wake up and this beginning is very bad to your entire day .
The advice here is to not put your phone into the bedroom. if you are from people who use their phone as an alarm, you can use a traditional alarm clock instead . Or at least put it away from you, this will help you to wake up when the phone rings and the most important thing is to NOT press snooze button ...
(By the way, snooze selection is harmful and the worst feature in smartphones ,If it comes to me I prefer to elegantly wake up from the first time instead of repeating suffering of waking every five minutes )
designed by me

Fifth step is Finding Alternatives

There is a fundamental problem we face when trying to get rid of a particular addiction or habit. This problem is that stopping or minimizing s certain behavior creates a big vacuum. If we can not fill this gap with other good behavior or habit, we will often return to the same bad habit soon .Therefore we need alternatives to smartphones.These alternatives vary from person to person depending on the interests of each one of us.I will suggest some of them, but ask you to determine what is best suited to your interest or work and reject ideas that do not convince you, this What smart people do.
  1. your job and or study:
    If you are short of your work or study you can take advantage of the app I spoke about in the first step and fill the time you will get by completing your tasks or study.
  2. Learn new skills:
    If we suppose that the nature of your work leaves you some space, you should (instead of using phone) fill it with learning a new skill. There will always be new skills you have to learn if you want to develop yourself and improve your income,for example, Programming ,designing ,or even learning a new language ...etc
  3. Audio Books:
    There are plenty of useful books available in audio formats. You can take advantage of these books during your work (if it does not require concentration) or during public transport.Through audio books you can look at more than 50 books a year without allocating a certain time to read. If you want a source of audio books, I suggest you have Amazon's audible service.

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  4. Use Computer instead of phone:
    It is very clear that the use of smart phones has severely affected people's use of laptop and desktop.Worldwide smartphones sales are steadily increasing versus low PC sales.This is a problem for young people who are still in the learning stage and skills development.The biggest disadvantage of the smartphone is that it is "content consumption device" . I mean, through it, you can not only be a recipient, You spend your time surfing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube without adding anything.
    At the beginning of computers, most people used it as a content consumption device likes games and films. However, because its possibilities allow it to be used in many other ways, a large segment of users have begun to experiment with useful things such as designing (Photoshop,3D MAX), programming, or even Microsoft Office programs.This has pushed many people towards certain areas of work I mean, they benefited from computers to improve their working and living standards .It is very difficult for smartphones to do what computers does (At least from my point of view)For example, it would be very difficult for me to write this post on Steemit using my smartphone.Simply because smartphones are basically made to be a device that consumes content more than a device creating it.So,Use your computer more often than using smartphone

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After all this long article, let me say some words that might be more important:
Our habits are our closest friend in this life ...May be our greatest help or burden ... it can lead us to success or to defeat....In order to improve its management we have to be firm with it...if we do so ,it may bring us the world and put it in our hands ... to be lenient with it may completely DESTROY us..

We MUST kill and demolish any habit or addiction that may Impede us to make progress in our life
We MUST build our habit or addiction that may push us to make progress in our life
That's all I want to say...

Today's Quote:
We make our habit first and then it makes us
                                "Sean Covey"

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Two helpful tips which helped me :)

  1. Turn off notifications.
  2. Leave your phone in a designated area( keep it away from you) thank me later.

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