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Man has created many tools and has replaced those tools with the modern , advanced ones. But language is a tool that has been invented by man almost thousands of years ago but is still being used as the primary mode of communication and not much change has been made to this tool.

I believe that language has reached its limit and now it's time to transcend language, to create another tool that would be more advanced than language to communicate with other human beings and maybe with other species too. The limitations of the language have to be identified and a new communication method has to be devised so that every human being can communicate with each other universally, without any barriers.

If we look at the nature almost all species except human have a common mode of communication. The sort of communication that is inbuilt in their genetics. No body has to teach them how to communicate. Maybe in the pursuit of learning our language we may have lost in touch with this primordial aspect of ours. Furthermore, human brain is capable of communicating in many dimensions and language, in my belief is limiting that capability. Hence it is high time for us to devise a new tool for communication that could be universal so that every human can communicate with each other without much trouble and incorporate multiple dimensions of communication such as the ability to transfer feelings, emotions and insight which could also help prevent misunderstandings and make the communication a wholistic experience. Thanks to the advancements in the technology it would be possible to do this now.

What do you guys think about it ? Could you imagine what this tool could be and how it will be ?

I am eager to listen to your thoughts on it.

Peace Awareness Bliss

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