You Only Experience Death When You Lose Your Grip on Life...

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Hi, Steemians!

A lot of us spend a great portion of our lives in fear of death. Death has been, in many ways, the ultimate mystery of this existence.

It is an inevitable doom that is waiting for each of us. We will eventually arrive at the point in our lives when we meet death.

But our dread is rooted in illogical assessments of life. That is why fear of death is only temporary and after a while, most people get over it.

But death is not what people deem it to be!

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Does a scientist who discovers a new phenomenon truly die after a while?

Does an innovator who invents things and pushes the boundaries of technology really die by the passage of time?

What about a great painter, an athlete, or a writer?

Our idea of death is misguided. Death is not the end of all things, as it holds no power over us so long as we are alive.

But there is another sort of death that is much more frightening than the one that occurs in the real world.

The kind of death that I am talking about happens when someone loses their hope and give up on everything.

The kind of death that happens when someone trips and sends a clashing wave down the spine of their life.

This sort of death has destroyed the lives of many a man before their proper and real death came and took them away.

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This death may be fictitious and only true in your mind, but it is much more devastating than the real occurrence of death, because in this case, you are actually alive, but refuse to live as you should.

You only experience painful and slow death when you lose your grip on life and give control to everything else.

A person who doesn’t know why he wakes up everyday is not alive. A person who doesn’t have a goal or a purpose to strive for on a daily basis is not alive.

A person who thinks that his life is miserable and does not want to work to change anything is not alive.

These kinds of people are all dead, one way or another, but they fear the real phenomena of death that should not bother them, as it is ultimately a mystery.

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If you want to check and see whether you are alive or not, think about the last time that you were genuinely passionate and excited about something.

How long ago was that?

If you want to see if you are actually living, think about the last time that you felt in love with someone or something so much that you couldn’t contain your excitement and longing.

Do not think of death as merely a concept that is far away.

Some of us are already dead. We just don’t realize it.




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death is only a transition to another dimension, no one needs to be afraid of it.
What you described as living deaths are mostly deeply depressed people, they are not dead, most of them are in very bad life situations.
We get more and more of them, it's one of the biggest problems of our system.
I already met some of them on Steemit, they got a turnaround by start posting, they got new hope and an inspiration for their lives.
So Steemit can also be a wonderful therapy.
Have a great day

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I agree! This is such a great article!

Excellent review @chbartist, I agree with you completely, that you should not be afraid of death and worry about it! Someone from the wise men said “A coward dies several times in a life, a brave one dies once”, therefore we all need to get rid of this fear and change our lives for the better with confidence!

Hola @chbartist!

Hay situaciones en la vida tan devastadoras que uno termina perdiendo la esperanza de vivir.

En estos momentos de dolor, cuando tendemos a sentir depresión, el apoyo de familiares y amigos será crucial para manejar estos momentos de gran tristeza.

Es importante buscar ayuda profesional de psicólogos o psiquiatras. El cerebro es un órgano del cuerpo que puede enfermarse y cuando esto sucede, debe visitar al especialista de esa parte del cuerpo.

Comparto en todo su contenido esta publicaciòn. Todo ser humano debe tener un propòsito de vida, una aspiraciòn, un deseo o un objetivo que cumplir en la vida y ser preocupado por alcanzarlo, de lo contrario es como vivir por vivir sin esperanza, sin tener un puerto de destino, no saber a donde llegar. Este tipo de personas ha de considerarse muerta en vida.

Death is an exciting moment for those who believe on live after death.
The life after death is different from the life we're living now, and this is mystery that I'm excited of.

Death should not be seen as a fatality but as a part of the process of life and thus recognize that, on an earthly level, we are passing through this world. This will allow us to rid ourselves of the excessive attachment that does so much harm to us and to enjoy the present moment to the fullest. Cordial greetings my dear @chbartist.

I feel like I live when I feel the passion in doing things to improve the life of my family and myself. Everyday the time I use to achieve goals is living and another way I can feel my future goals getting closer and being achieved!

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What an amazing fact you have bought into limelight! True, Life should be full of excitement and liveliness.
Keep flourishing!

This is all right but in this world where all people are running to be superior than others, it's gets very difficult to stay positive and focus on our goals!

If you want to see if you are actually living, think about the last time that you felt in love with someone or something so much that you couldn’t contain your excitement and longing.

Well said and I agree with you on that. Can't say much about death but about life, as long as we have it we must respect it and live at the fullest. We can't predict the future but we must enjoy the present. Thanks

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This makes me wonder how many folks only wake up and start living once a doctor tells them that their body is approaching its death.

i agree that death has no power over you. Worry to make change for things under your control.

So shouldn't we really be afraid of death? That's really hard...

I read you and I know what you mean. When I read the title I was wondering if had written the paradox of real death. Like Jesus Christ, dying but not dying. Sometime back, I read a book called "A course on Miracles" which states that to believe that death is the only way to make it to God is the play of the ego. We don't need to die, in fact, death is where you lose the game.

I never quite understood this part. Then how do you make it back to God. I hope I will find the answer.

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ego death is a rebirth.

You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.

More filipinos they want to death during hard times came in their lives, but sadly they are not like to be death they are lier

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