Why Do We Find Deserted and Lonely Places Appealing?

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Hi, Steemians!

It doesn’t matter if a person is introverted or extroverted, because if given the opportunity, we would all welcome a bit of loneliness and quiet from time to time.

The fact that introverted people usually seek solitude does not mean that extroverted souls do not need a little bit of that too.

The fact that almost everyone feels an inner desire to be alone sometimes is an important indication of one of our most important needs.

Today, we are going to talk about this need for solitude.

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I once found myself walking on the beachside, thinking about more thoughts than one is supposed to think about.

I suddenly realized that I was all alone on that beach. I looked to my east and there was no one. I looked to my west and saw that no living soul was there with me.

Suddenly, a strange sensation sank in my heart. I was alone. And it was well. All my thoughts and troubles suddenly left me. I was left with a melancholic mental state that filled me with peace and quiet.

I then started thinking about all the thoughts that were lost to me for years. It was one of the best experiences of my entire life.

That was the day I realized the importance of solitude and connecting with nature.

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It must have happened to you too. Have you ever found yourself in an empty playground, or a deserted courtyard, on a cold winter day?

With an obscured sun and the cold in the air, solitude is one of the greatest sensations anyone can ever hope to feel and understand.

The reason we love lonely places is because they give us a chance to reflect on our life in the quiet of our own mind and presence.

It is easy to lose yourself when other people are around, but when you are alone, the whole of space and time is at your beck and call.

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Reaching a higher understanding of life and self is one of our greatest needs and desires. Lonely places give us the space for that sensational transcendence to occur.

That is why there is often something really appealing about lonely and deserted places. The ruins of an old castle or endless fields of wheat is where this great desire comes to life.

It is in such places where you finally feel a certain disconnect from the world around.

And I must say, we really need such experiences. It is so easy to lose yourself in the daily routine of our society.

These places give you an opportunity to find yourself again and breathe the fresh air of nature.

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This is not to say that we actively need to seek solitude in places like this. But it is important to understand the significance of our inner need for loneliness from time to time.

If you feed this inner desire, it will take flight into higher horizons of understanding.

It is there where you will find your identity.




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Because it offers you more efficient tools to dig deeper into yourself.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I agree that we all need our quiet time, to review our goals, our progress towards those goals, our hopes, dreams and just to pause and appreciate where we are and appreciate our selves. “Happiness is an inside job” and part of that involves mindfulness or awareness of your blessings and taking a moment to bask in your self generated joy. We are special organisms on this planet and we do well to remember the blessing of being human.
Take care,

I joined your YouTube channel, I am impressed that you already have 46 subscribers with no videos yet.
Good Luck with the channel and I look forward to your first video.

Very well said . Sometimes we need stay alone for some time to meet ourself. We are surrounded by responsibilities and we don't really get time to think about ourself. So to get time for that its essential to get lonely time.nay once in week or if week is not possible then once in two weeks should be enough

I heard that creative people or those work in the industry which requires creative work they people always try to ger some lonely time so that they can think something else with crowd its not really possible.

Thanks @chbartist

Posted using Partiko Android

Loneliness is just as necessary for reason as abstaining in food is for the body. In solitude, everyone sees in himself what he really is. But loneliness is just as disastrous if it lasts too long. Thanks for the great post.

Hola @chbartist!

La soledad en los lugares naturales permite encontrar la paz.

Este tipo de paz nos permite conectarnos con lo más profundo del alma, regenerando la energía vital del individuo.

Somos seres vivos que están conectados de alguna manera con lo natural, pero la vida cotidiana de la vida urbana no favorece la concepción de la naturaleza de manera constante.

Reconociendo la necesidad de soledad y naturaleza, es recomendable programar retiros que permitan el desarrollo de estas conexiones.

Honestly, I do not like loneliness ... although from time to time it's good to be quiet and quiet, but I prefer to be in company ... I do not like to be alone completely, a lot of silence distract me, hahaha

I definitly agree that lonely places allow us to connect with our inner selves. I especially like being alone in the woods among trees and nature. Some people call that forest bathing. It definitly helps me quiet the mind and recharge the body.

Posted using Partiko Android

i guess that's why we're on steem blockchain !

har-har ... bad joke (-:

I tell you why because we're tired from those that keep picking on us :)

Many times I thought my eagerness to look for and enjoying the solitude was a sickly attitude. With time I understood what you say:

If you feed this inner desire, it will take flight into higher horizons of understanding.
It is there where you will find your identity.

Finding a place to be alone is a pleasure, it's an exercise of understanding and loved ourselves.

Best regards

Good points. And I'd say the best places to visit are not necessarily ruins or remote lonely beaches or anything like that but places that are bustling with people during the day but where not a soul is present at night. When I served as a conscript in the military, I actually enjoyed acting as the company duty officer in the middle of the night when nobody in the company was awake and the only people in the entire garrison awake were the duty officer of the garrison and another conscript NCO duty officer in another company. I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet because the days tended to be very busy.

I agree with you. You said that well @chbartist 🤗

Posted using Partiko Android

Great introduction post dear

Hola, la soledad nos ayuda a encontrarnos con nosotros mismos. Pero no podemos dejar que se apodere de nosotros y sumirnos en ella porque, nos alejamos de las personas amadas,perdemos oportunidades hasta nos puede desconectar de la realidad. Saludos desde Venezuela

We all need a place to shut off from everything and enjoy the moment we can. The only person we have is ourselfs and if we are not lined with a lot of things we can't help others or have time for our responsibilities.

Me, alone, in commune with God. That's the best conversation and reassessment of what's happening.

@chbartist, Alone time is very important part of our life because, in life we just not need a race and fast moving life, we should learn to cut off from everything and spending time alone. There are many pleasant memories which can refresh us but busy life keep us away from these pleasant thoughts, so we have to enjoy these alone times and have to find ourselves of past who left in the past in this fast paced life. Stay blessed.

Posted using Partiko Android

I recently had an opportunity at a retreat to be silent withbmy eyes closed for about 30 minutes which was the first time I could think of thatbI have done so. After realizing it, I thought to take the opportunity to reflect and it did a great impact in bringing realization on how we can take step and view our life from a lense and find the adjustment we need to succeed.

Posted using Partiko iOS

The time to self reflect and focus on oneself 😉

Posted using Partiko iOS

“Why do people have to be this lonely? What's the point of it all? Millions of people in this world, all of them yearning, looking to others to satisfy them, yet isolating themselves. Why? Was the earth put here just to nourish human loneliness?”
― Haruki Murakami, Sputnik Sweetheart

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Oh yeah.
From time to time we need to be disconnected from the busy life of our existence.
Sometimes we'll realize everything when we get sick and left alone.
Its so sad when its too late to realize how important it is to be in ourselves.

Thank you, dear, @chbartist
Nice to meet you
It is an amazing post
i like it
don't forget to follow me and forget my posts
see at next post
good luck

I agree with you.

La teoría de que no somos de este mundo, fuimos insertados en este ecosistema, nuestras almas buscan ese lugar a donde pertenecemos

Sin duda alguna es convenientes para los humanos el permanente contacto con la naturaleza. Esto incluye la estrecha relación persona-persona. @madiba24

All us we need time to be lonely to think our inner desire what's the best strategy to apply to improve our daily experience

Posted using Partiko Android

I grew up with hippy parents. No electricity, living out in the bush.
No distractions. It forced me to be bored, which led to discovering meditation and awareness of my surroundings.

Friends and family members always told stories of strange things they'd see in the bush, but I never believed them until I was there to see it for myself.

Hi! I really like your thoughts about Steam at the bottom. I just started (or I will start it in a few days) and I am really curious what this platform holds. I Hope I can bring new value and good content.
I'd love to be in the list of contributors :)

It makes you feel relaxed, and to know yourself better