The Necessity of Visualization and the Pitfall of Confirmation Bias

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Hello, dear Steemians!

In order to work everyday towards a goal with determination and speed, you need more than just your willingness to do what must be done. You need to have mindfulness.

This mindfulness is the process of bringing into consciousness almost everything that fuels your core values and beliefs.

Our minds slip and forget intricate details about our endeavors and struggles, and we seem to overlook the ideals that gave us an incentive in the first place.

One of the ways to achieve this level of mindfulness is the practice of visualization.

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What occupies your thoughts the most throughout the day is what gives to the power of visualization.

For instance, a person who tends to believe that other people with whom he interacts all hate him, spends his entire day noticing every little detail that confirms his theory.

A person who believes that her coworkers enjoy her company spends the entire day noticing things that reaffirms her belief.

Such is the way our mind works; always looking for things to confirm what we already know. This is known as Confirmation Bias and you can see it all over the world of politics.

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When you read the newspaper, you tend to notice things that you have a general background knowledge about. You read segments that are probably going to confirm what you already know.

In the world of politics, you tend to get attracted to the side that is already advocating for your beliefs. The candidate who lends value to your ideals will win your attention and your vote.

With this Confirmation Bias, it is important to think about what we tend to notice during the day. How mindful are we of our true values and ideals, and not just petty things that give us nothing in return?

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For example, if you are a person who is obsessed about the opinion of other people towards yourself, then most of your visualization during the day is going to be about how other people perceive you.

Your mindfulness will be spent in that regard. Whereas, a person who is obsessed about his own success will spend the entire day noticing how he is spending his time or how well he is performing his tasks.

Your visualization relies heavily on your confirmation bias and that is why you should monitor your priorities and think about the things that really matter to you.

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After that, your thoughts will reflect the importance of your priorities and that is basically the mindfulness you need in order to maintain your level of productivity during the day.

Visualization is the most powerful method to hold your enthusiasm for doing something despite the difficulties that come with it.

Practice the visualization of your own ideals and set your priorities right in order to achieve the success you want!




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Imagination and visualization are mighty tools we have, they work very good together with our subconscious and give us endless possibilities.
Have a great day

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Thanks for this post. The interesting thing about confirmation bias is that it is often used in itself to challenge someone you disagree with. "Oh, you are just seeing what you want to see and ignoring the rest." How do you get to a point, in your opinion, that you can show that you are considering all points of view and even evidence that seems to refute your own position?


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Thanks for the post

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Thanks and I do struggle with what others think and on the healing end, I love your post and I truly need to re-evaluate how much time I waste and move forward to a more mindful state ... thanks again for a post with fabulous timing !!

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Thanks again for the inspiration. I wrote a post of my own to record some of my own reflections. Keep up the great work!

Visualizing the future can motivate for us to believe it can happen! I know someone who would visit a car dealership every month to visualize and feel himself inside the car he wanted. He also was aware of the hard work needed to realize it. However, it motivated him the right way to strive and achieve it after some time.

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You are a genius. Excellent post.they work very good together with our subconscious and give us endless possibilities.
Have a great day
Tom.I understand 90.9% of your post. If you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for posting this kind of post. We want you to be able to improve in one day.

Confirmation bias is definitely an interesting concept to consider.
We are taking in so much information every day - that the mind does need some short cuts and sticking to well worn paths (otherwise I imagine it would use up too much of our energy reserves)

Confirmation bias would work well with something like a gratitude practice. At the end of each day writing down 3 or 10 things we are grateful for. This gets us in the energy of gratitude, it feels good and what we focus on, expands.

That's damn right, visualization will make a lot of difference.

developing tools must be a priority

Hello @chbartist!

I would call this confirmation bias, the self-satisfied answer, because that is exactly what we do every time we analyze everything with this attitude.

Congratulate and give us reason in everything, when we are not always right. It is a vision for nothing objective, with which we can not learn anything, and that will only feed a bad vice that will leave us in the same hole if we do not change our attitude.

By the way, this week I subscribed to your YouTube channel, I will be aware of the announcements you make to be up to date with this community. Thank you very much for including us in your projects to contribute to the Steemit platform!

Imagination and visualization has really helped me become a better person. Great!

Hello @chbartist indeed a nice post.. Though I didn't have much knowledge about this topic before liked the post very much.

Visualization is the most powerful method to hold your enthusiasm for doing something despite the difficulties that come with it.

Liked these lines a lot.

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Now Thats deep

That's great buddy...!!!!

Greate blogg bro @chbartist all thing is that how works people's mind in a way of chasing succes

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Great write up. Visualisation is key especially in investing and trading which requires forward thinking and delayed gratification

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Well I really hope you are wrong about visualisation being a necessity, because not all of us have the ability to do so. When I close my eyes, I see nothing but darkness.

About 48.96$ has been spent to promote this content.

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