Tearing the Illusory Veil to See the Ultimate Reality...

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Hi Steemians of Positive Mindset!!!

Today I would like to share with you a very important lesson that I will still write other posts about this.

I'm going to write about how we should dominate our emotions so they are not harmful to our lives but with wisdom we can make our emotions an ally for our achievement goals.

People tend to describe the world with adjectives. Adjectives are the words that give us perspective about life and existence.
In the modern human society, adjectives are more credible than definitions. People see the world in form of labels that appeal to their emotions. Our love, pride, hate, fear, courage, despair, anger, disgust, surprise, shame, regret, and anticipation are always given adjectives that amplify their weight and make them harder to bear.

Adjectives define how we see the universe we open our eyes to every morning, and this definition carries itself in every decision that we make throughout the day.

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In our joy, in our every victory and defeat, in our bleak days and sleepless nights, and in every step of the way, our emotions afflict us with delusions that are too heavy to bear. The problem of trusting these emotions and adjectives that come with them is their blurry form and illusory essence.

For the world is not dark or grey, nor full of light or hope. For life is not hard or intolerable, nor easy or pleasant. For we are not fully loved, nor ever truly hated. It is through the windows of the mind that we create these manifestations of the reality around us.

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We are all creators in the light of our creative mind, the mind that seeks meaning and thought in every corner of existence. Every second of every hour of every day, we are thinking and as we think, we create manifestations of the world around us. These thoughts are often overloaded with emotions, and emotions deceive us into giving colors to the spectacles of our life and our existence.

But reality has no place for such illusions and emotions. There will come a moment in every man’s life, when he finds freedom from the deceptive shackles of emotions and windows of manifestation through which he has observed the universe and the life that is bestowed upon him.

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When you truly look at things with a neutral and unprejudiced approach, even going so far as to think like a machine that only processes measurable amounts, you begin to see reality as it is, or what we call the ultimate reality. In the face of ultimate reality, elements are impartial and objective, the rules of cause and effect are in place and everything is quantifiable, down to the minutest of particles that exist in the world we perceive.

In this ultimate reality, life is neither cruel nor kind to you. Life merely is.
A person who tears the veil of deception, this reality no longer holds its illusory form, for in the face of true reality, illusion has no power. You see the truth of life and existence, and the truth sets you free. It always does.

In the face of true reality, it is you who will decide how to see life and existence. In the face of true reality, you are no longer the creator of manifestations, but the creator of windows through which everything manifests.

Important Remarks

I have been working very hard on this blog since the beginning. I have a very busy life but I am giving my best and believe me I have shared experiences that I have been coaching thousands of people and I know that the change of the Mindset should be daily. I am already grateful to see you giving upvotes to each other and you can see this with the fact that many already have 8, 9, 10 upvotes. But I'm sure that with the effort of all of us we will see a community with, 40, 50, 80 upvotes and for that everyone should get engaged so we can make it come true. I believe and we can! Resteem...

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We have to take away from our concern and future fear. So we can focus our life more healthy

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Greetings, everyone.

In the face of true reality, you are no longer the creator of manifestations, but the creator of windows through which everything manifests.

I guess that still makes us mediators of reality.

I think that it is very difficult to conceive reality objectively. The best we can do, if are discipline enough is to avoid feeling affected by reality in ways that can be adjectivized, internalized and then acted upon.

I have tried this with sports and religion; it has not worked yet with politics and love.
I used to be fan of certain baseball, football and basket ball teams. If my teams won i was happy, if they lost I was sad and even angry. I even had heated arguments with some friends.

I stopped doing that after some years away from my country and away from my teams' activities. After 7 years I did not even know the players who were playing. I had lost track of the last champions, etc. I did not care that much. I still like sports but game results do not affect me in any way now.

They are just that. One team wins, another loses. End of the story.
I guess that detachment/lack of investment can be achieved in other areas; that might be a way to stop being affected by what we call reality, which ends up being a mediated (through our feelings) spectacle.

Friend, your comments are always very meaningful and I thank and appreciate it! Regards

Thanks, @chbartist. My pleasure. This is therapeutic for me.

Very Well Said @hlezama. Often, We Need To Abandon "Self" And Focus On The Activity Without Overemphasing The Goal. This Makes Actualising The Goal A Reality But A Bye Product!!

Thanks, @alaisguineasis. Greetings. Have a good day.

In the face of true reality we could see what we are and that would be justified. That was indeed an insightful post on human psychology, and all the past posts are really interesting moreover loved the way of your promoting a positive community.

The emotions are so powerful, that when we read a simple message and we are sad or upset ... we give negative tone to the message, but if you read the message again the next day, but this time you are very happy ... you will notice that the message did not have that negative tone with which you persisted the previous day ... That is why we must learn to handle emotions and not that they handle us.

Thank again blessed for your comment! Regards

I think the glass is still half full for STEEM. (-:

I understand, but I think something special can happen and it should not be long.

Your posts always set my mind positively.

i read this fully... be positive everything is positive

This Has Being Your Usual Self: Promoting Others By Teaching Practical Experience To Enable Personal And Community Growth!! Thanks Indeed @chbartist!!

Yes ! Most Often Our Perceptions Shapes Our Opinions. But Most Of Our Perceptions Could Be Little Out Of Tune With The Situation As It Was.

Bottom line: Fixated Minds Could Be Dangerous As The Situation Upon Which It Was Cast Is A Continuing ; Ever Fluid!!


Поделись знаниями!!

There was a psychologist who used an analogy to tell me about the judgments we made about things.

I saw a blackboard that was behind me and she told me that if I asked what is the shape of that blackboard, then I would have to answer that it is rectangular And that would be a reality, but if she asked me about how the blackboard looked like, then there would be possibilities for me to respond saying that I think it's beautiful, as well as the probability of saying that the blackboard looks ugly, and that would only be A judgment. We all create our reality.

Life is how you organise yourself and put things in order even if things are disorganised. That is why God gave wisdom to create, we have all the abilities and capabilities to make things happen, but in all things, God leads and direct our ways. Thanks once again for beautiful write up!

Dear @chbartist sir!
Our attitude will be similar to our emotions, just as the nature of the world will reflect us. Or our mindset depends on how we see it. All the things in the world look alive and positive when you get out of the illusory thoughts of the mind. Time is not unkind, we make ourselves selfless and kind. He has the same kind of feeling that looks like him.

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Always see the reality of your life and not of others as they could create fictions that will lead to disappointment and unhappiness.

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There was a quote that say , we are who thinking . if we think we are poor , yes we are and if where think we are rich yes we are .

Our mind continue working giving solution to what we think and it ll never give up either we know it or not.

Word is a pray . Word become reality when we give emotion value to it. If not , nothing will happen because half of us didnt acknowledge thats word

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We have to care our imotions and others also.it makes you a gentleman...

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In this ultimate reality, life is neither cruel nor kind to you. Life merely is.
A person who tears the veil of deception, this reality no longer holds its illusory form, for in the face of true reality, illusion has no power. You see the truth of life and existence, and the truth sets you free. It always does.

I know about this fact and would like to add for some faint hearted that it can be quite a bit of a shock to realise and see all that for the first time... During the last 30 years I've seen Some breaking on this fact. If this is about to happen, stay strong and believe in yourself, for One is All and All Is One!

Thanks again CHB for a excellent point of view!


What a really good post about our conception of emotions and reality... That's amazing! I love to read and learn about reality and how whe affect it from our thoughts (that may not be so called "real")... Nice to read

I like that

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Was it Jim Rohn who said, "don't sweat the small stuff."
"It's all small stuff."If people take Jim Morrison's attitude of, "No one here gets out alive anyway," then they'll be able to push back that veil
We've all been urged to switch focus, but it's not so easy
I suffered a stroke in May 2017, lost my job and my driving licence, and am now concentrating full time on my novel writing
Before that I was scared to pack in my job (even though I hated it), so I urge every one else in this community to heed your words and move forward with courage
P.S. I laos found Steemit after this life changing illness, and although my posts haven't gained much attention yet, I'm carrying on because i feel, like you, that I have something worth sharing that will hopefully enrich somebody

Awesome post. I once wrote a similar post on emotions, how we let them destroy our lives sometimes and how we should use our wisdom to control our emotions, and use our minds to make decisions instead. Really loved reading this.

@chbartist And the fact that you are a fellow guitarist also resonates highly with me.

It is always good to control as well as to burst out your emotions based on one's mindset, mental stability,time and situation. Too much control on emotions will sometimes suppresses oneself within.Hence a sudden outbreak is not a bad option too:-)

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