Regarding the Wounds That We Carry All Our Lives…

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Hi, Steemians!

Whether by the work of accident or the deliberate malice of the people we grow up with, old wounds are an inevitable affliction.
Being so young as we were, we had no means to treat our wounds with care and extinguish their trace. Hence, they remained with us, festering and growing deeper as we grew up.
The pitying tragedy of mankind is that some of us spend an entire lifetime carrying these old wounds.

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Some people even make the mistake of catering for these wounds because they begin to believe that such wounds are a part of them.
Wounds that are left untended fester in time. After a while, they penetrate our hearts and find a small corner of our identity to settle in. Years pass and you cannot even begin to imagine your life without them.
These wounds become a comfort zone of their own. Even though they may be hurt you when you visit them, they create in you a sense of belonging and relief.
But make no mistakes. These old wounds are essentially the source of all our insecurities; our fears, doubts, hatreds, lack of self-confidence, and the emotional strength we require to fight our dilemmas on a daily basis.

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If you have ever been crippled by the emotional weight of your decisions and actions, or have found yourself unable to respond in a proper manner to other people’s emotions, you understand how these insecurities shape us.
If you have ever tried to do something with the utmost strength and passion but failed to keep going or even start out of fear and doubt, then you understand how such insecurities trample on our soul.
Regardless of how you have dealt with them, some of you understand that you have old wounds; pressure points that are ready to pop out in the right time and destroy everything in their storm of destruction.

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And this might be surprising to a number of you, but the best way to deal with these old wounds that we have carried since childhood is to confront them with courage.
You are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit. You are wise, and you are strong. No mere storm can easily cripple you or take you down. Confront your fears and find a way to the light.
If you let old wounds fester, in time you will turn into a carcass of everything you could have been. Do not let these insecurities, these wounds, these terrible forces of destruction, come in the way of your success.
Your life is your own. Seize it and free yourself of your demons!




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excellent post ... that's right, we have to face our fears, because otherwise we will live submerged in those wounds that will consume us because we do not have the courage to put a stop. our limits are mental ... we must love ourselves and not let ourselves be consumed by wounds of the past ..

The things that make us who we are and our wounds are one of those things. Some of us spend years trying to analyse bad experiences to understand why they occurred and what lasting effect they have had on our lives, our personality and our friendships with others. Often wounds are confounded by the fact that others close to us identify us by these wounds. This can be negative and a constant reminder that we are shaped by these experiences. Even if we move on after embracing this stuff the reminder from others always jerk us back to the past. If only others would look at who we are today and love and respect us for this. Wounds should make us stronger and allow others to recognise this🙏

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Probabilmente rispondere in italiano, la mia lingua, non sarà un ottima scelta ma penso anche che sia giusto che ognuno di noi valorizzi la propria identità e le proprie origini, ne esistono tanti di traduttori nella rete che possono far si che di leggerci a vicenda senza per forza parlare la stessa lingua.
Detto questo, il tuo post è bellissimo. vero ed interessante e mi ha incuriosita molto, e come hai consigliato andrò a leggere i precedenti post per capire a fondo il tuo progetto.
Per quanto riguarda le ferite e il coraggio di affrontarle per tramutarle in bagaglio positivo piuttosto che una zavorra pesante, io ho ancora tanta strada da fare ma le tue parole mi hanno aiutato e fatto riflettere, grazie.
Mi piacerebbe molto far parte della lista in fondo al tuo post.
un abbraccio anche a te.

Ciao @claxpsaba come stai? Grazie mille per le tue parole gentili. Includerò il tuo nome nella mia lista, è già incluso nel mio ultimo post. Benvenuti nella famiglia @chbartist. Un abbraccio

Ciao @chbartist, grazie a te per aver risposto, io sto bene, molto curiosa e affascinata dal mondo Steemit e trovare post, blog, rubriche come il tuo è ancora più entusiasmante 😊
Tu come stai?
Vado subito a leggere i tuoi ultimi post, ho notato che scrivi tantissimo ed è fantastico. Grazie per avermi inserito nella lista e non vedo l'ora di vedere anche i video sul tuo canale youtube.
Buona giornata e un altro abbraccio.
Ce n'è tanto bisogno di abbracci a mio parere 😉

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These wounds you speak of sit as frequencies overbearing other channels in our limbic brain. Very interesting super important topic for taking accountability of our inner consciousness. When these wounds become so imprinted pathways they become personality traits and it takes serious feelings, meditations, other frequencies to dissipate, rewire and fire an entire new frequency. Depression and triggers of states of fear are so connected with the words we speak outloud as that is a crucial part of the healing or staying in that fear state. Let's face it, when we speak out loud we are giving out 10 billion cells a program, . The biggest topic that has been coming around every day for me is the word "want". If you go through the day and listen to yourself random strangers, friends, listen how many times we might say that word in our every day lives. The frequency of "want" is Lack of or Scarcity vibration.. If you speak this word the multiverse and your subconscious only here's lack, and so you bring that vibration to you, you attract it through the power of sound/speech and invoking. I've been re-wiring this word for myself to speak " I intend" instead of I want, need or desire. Switches the frequency to a fear state into a specific conscious action which the brain is designed for.

As usual @chbartist, quality topic and conversation to ponder for the weekend, thanks mate

Happy Spring!

Unfortunately, the wounds are different and people are all different. Another time will heal those wounds that are not sprinkled with salt and the person will begin to live a full life.

Greetings @chbartist!

The experiences that are not pleasant can be remembered and affect our mood in a negative way.

If we can understand how these bad experiences affect us, we can manipulate them to our advantage, combining them in positive experiences that allow us to advance in new difficult situations.

The study of new disciplines helps turn our past into reference material to be successful in the future, so it is advisable to carry out any education activity. A short or medium-time training or course will be enough to help transform those experiences.

The studies help to motivate the change of environment, which may be keeping in a present way the bad experience.

This is a tough one as I too suffer from what I call the “snake bite” effect as part if my learnings in my journey, there are things that I refuse to try again again. For example, I will never go into business with family again. I understand the consequences but it is a mental block that has been built around me.

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Hi I loved your post but I was disjointed that you said we need to confront our wounds. I disagree. We need to comfort our wounds to facilitate there healing. Confronting them might bring temporary relief by creating a feeling that we have defeted them but making a friend of our darker self is the only way to truly complete our growth as individuals and thereby ensure we are in a better place to deal with any hurt from now the past or the future.

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This is deep.

At one time or the other, we have had our wounds. Some got healed while some left scars.

Like you rightly noted, many has given so much attention to the scars that they seem not to see the beauty of other parts of theirs.

It is a choice!between living in consciousness of the scars and moving on.

What worries me more are the scars of unforgiveness. Truly it can only deal treacherously with our health.

Thanks @Chbartist for sharing

I work so hard everyday to unlearn bad behavior and try to evolve and elevate myself upwards .... thanks for the good read - I upvoted and all that jazz ❤️.... have a fabulous day !

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Sir every relationship staying longer with bounding with heart.
Bounding a good hummus capabilities that gives a successful life and settled satisfaction in mind.

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Our mind enjoys sleeping on the past. It tries to re-connect your old day’s emotional and psychological scar against your current performance.
However, you must understand surely that it false and it is a trick of mind. You are not what you were yesterday or three/five years ago. Of course you must clean yourself out of such viral thinking (demons) and bring forth your energetic pathway

love your post man you are truly a great peerson...thanks for the suggestion and the points you gave us...thanks man

Your life is your own. Seize it and free yourself of your demons!

Demons are spirits so we could only fight using our spiritual powers.
What are our spiritual powers?

You are a talent.Excellent post I understand 95.59% in this post, and if you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve.Thank you for this kind of posting.We want you to be able to improve in one day.It sounds like the best inside of your writing, A BIG HUG!!!


@chbartist I got it inside of all the posts

Please take my name off your list... thank you.

Hi @xcountytravelers, Included. See the list on the last post! Welcome to @chbartist family!

Yeah, never mind.... you have me in there twice now. Thanks anyway.

ahahahaha that was funny

It was, but I was trying to get off that list....

Greate blogg @chbartist we have to hard work in our life for being succesful if we fear to do hard work we can not succesful in our life

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#chbartist i really love all your post.. It always make real more.. God will honor you and your beautiful family..

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yes, we should believe in ourselves and we should let other decide our future

thank you very much for this excellent post. you are absolutely right. we all experience good or bad experiences. and I believe, as a humanbeing, our happiness, enthusiasms, fears, sadness, hopes etc. are not very different from eavh other. if you have friends all over the world you can notice this easily. and I've heard lots of times this expression "face your fears (or wounds)" I believe we all have. and if there are someone who can overcome their problems I'd like to hear more specific stories from them to make things clearer. thank you in advance.

Wow! Thank you so much @chbartist for creating such a beautiful and meaningful post. This is an incredibly moving and powerful message that you are sharing here. I would honestly love to be a part of your list. This is the reason why I joined Steemit. This is why I love this community. Together we can make a change. Together we can set a precedent of what a blockchain and strong community can do as one. Much love and good vibes your way my friend ❤️

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Very Deep And Interesting Article, Thank You!

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Very nice thought . welldone

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exelente reflexion

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I totally agree. Sadly, people spend thousands of dollars and hours of therapy to be allowed to nurse these wounds; without being brought to the awareness that hurting people hurt others; and the power to move beyond the pain is in learning whatever the life-lesson is and moving on.

Everyone has wounds; and the power is in rendering powerless those who are at the root. It may sound a bit callous; but, key to causing emotional scars to callus over, and toughen up for the only part of the journey which really matters most: the now.

Best regards.


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I believe these kind of wounds are so deep that the affected individual must be strong enough to recognize and seek professional help and hope he/she finds one who’s experience and passionate of the work toward healing the person.

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Nice article, and the truth of the matter is that, it is absolutely truth. Please include me

Time, i know heals every wound.

Hi @chbartist

Have gone through the post and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Regardless of how you have dealt with them, some of you understand that you have old wounds; pressure points that are ready to pop out in the right time and destroy everything in their storm of destruction.

Whole post is nice but liked these lines a lot. Thanks

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Your post hit the point home so good I made you a video out if it; hope you like it.