How Can We Deal with the Cruelty and the Absurdity of This World?

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Hi, dear friends!

There is a question that I am often asked, and that is: How do I deal with the cruelty and the darkness that is surrounding the world that we live in today?

To be fair, and not to sound like an entitled or privileged person, that is a reasonable question.

A lot of us take a look at the world at its current state and think that our society is irredeemable.

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That is a valid assessment, considering everything that is simultaneously happening all around the globe.

So, the real question is: How do we deal with such absurdity and darkness?

Another reasonable person might tell you that this viewpoint is both absolute and prejudiced; that there are still so many good things that are happening in the world, but we fail to see them.

You know what? I actually agree with this reasonable person

But in this blog post, I don’t want to preach about the good things that happen in this world and the many blissful things that are bestowed on us but we are too blind to notice them.

In this post, we are going to reasonably take a look at the dark tidings of this good earth.

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Terrible things happen every day. Hundreds of people die; many die in pain, many die in peace. Some are killed by disease and some are killed by people. Many die a natural death.

Millions of hearts are broken on a daily basis. People abandon loved ones. People commit cruelties towards one another. People do cruel and mean things that they otherwise would not.

This life is as blissful as it is tragic. No one can deny tragedy. It is an unwavering truth of our world. However hard you try, however fast you run, tragedy will always catch up to you.

But what is one to do despite all of this?

I am here to answer this question for those of you who cannot share with the outlook of the optimists.

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The thing is, almost everything bad that happens in our world is a direct result of human meddling. So, it is fair to suggest that each and every one of us, at some point in our lives, will be presented with a choice:

Do the right thing, or choose the wrong path and do others harm.

This is a decision that we will all have to face.

On a smaller scale, making the right decisions everyday to become competent in life and change the world for better is yet another choice!

Some people outright make the wrong decisions and create a miserable life, both for themselves and those who are around them.

What I am essentially trying to tell you is that we have a choice…

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There is beauty in this world. Even the most pessimistic person cannot deny that they have looked beauty right in the face at least once in their lives.

That tiny glimmer of hope, that trace of light, that foundation under which all our values and ideals are stored… my friends, these things are worth fighting for!

That is all you need to know when it comes to the absurdity and the cruelty of our world.

As dark and terrible as everything might seem, you could still make a choice and become a beacon of hope for everyone around you.

Making the right decisions and you will be delivered, despite the difficulty and darkness of everything.

Those tiny things, those small acts of love, those refutable glimmers of hope are worth fighting for!

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Do the right thing, or choose the wrong path and do others harm.

This is a decision that we will all have to face.

It is true that if we do not reform ourselves and overcome the selfishness that controls the world, we can not all live without doing others and causing them suffering.
Trying to hope for nature in the positive form makes us proud that God created us humans, but our constant actions toward the other creatures make us very bad
This is a great publication. It is a great debate. It is difficult to summarize it in words, but a simple participation indicates the interest in what we must do to reform ourselves before we repeat the reform of society.

I always believe the darkness is always meant to be and can't be dealt with. All we just need to do is to try to be the light in the darkness

Love is always worthy. Also it is right way to Deal with the Cruelty and the Absurdity of This World.
I hope you may keep inspiring us all through amazing blogs!


This made more sense to me than most of the arguments I've heard in the past.

So we can say that everything is about making decisions that make the difference, depending on which road we choose will mark everything you can pass to our surroundings. A very good reflection to consider how important our actions are.

Your blogs are too good. You almost cover everything about the topic.

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Hi @chbartist your blog is reasonable. We should attach with religion. Thanks for good content.
I up voting you and resteem your blog post.

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Good topic in question? With right solution how can deal 👍👍

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Now I feel myself a warrior to fight against the cruelty and absurdity after reading your blog. Thanks for helping me out.

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It's interesting that as humans we deeply know that things like love, beauty, hope, peace, and such are good things. We see them as the standard. The default position so to speak of how things are supposed to be.

How do we deal with the cruelty? On one hand we can imagine a world where we somehow internally become motivated enough to never again harm one another or do more damage. But to be honest the force of evil itself has to be dealt with.

The tendency and urge to do harm to one another has to somehow be removed and replaced with a much more powerful force than just human will.

This world is going to have its darkness, because humans are flawed and sometimes even thoroughly wicked. As a libertarian, I adhere as much as I can to the Non-Aggression Principle: don't initiate violence against others or their property. The concept of "not hurting people nor taking their stuff" goes a long way toward making this world a more peaceful place.

There is more good in the world than bad and we have unfortunately fell into the trap of paying more attention to the bad in efforts to fix it. We need to foster the good and beauty instead of the bad.

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Nice thoughts. I want to say the only way to overcome cruelty and darkness in the world is by over coming evil with good. Overcome cruelty by showing love and kindness to everyone. And finally, God said, let there be light and there was light. And darkness could not comprehend it. When light comes, darkness disappears.
Be the light that brightens up your world by doing and showing acts of love and kindness.
When we all do this, cruelty and darkness will become history in our world.

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@chbartist Yeah true everyone has a different story to tell and its rightly said the one who seems to be stone hearted today was once very caring... Thesr aspects of life were from the start of world formed and will last too but only the form of cruelty and darkness of life changes... Keep it up my motivational buddy =) Thanks =)

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Your text is awesome. Thanks for sharing. Good point good question.

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Excellent article brother. I learn so much from your articles

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Greetings dear @chbartist.

I believe that cruelty in the world can be solved if we all practice Empathy.

I refer to this in my last publication.


I wish I knew the answer to that my friend

Always look on the bright side of life ... :D

awesome sauce @sacredstarfamily

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Great post ... thanks 🙏

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Exact said. You explain so nicely

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