Clear Your Mind of Predisposition If You Truly Want to Learn Something...

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Hi, Steemians!

In one of our previous posts, we discussed the different learning styles in association to the human brain and how you can utilize each one to your advantage when you are trying to learn or memorize something new.

In today’s post, we want to talk about an aptitude of the human mind that can become an obstacle in the way of learning something new.

When you are predisposed to a certain viewpoint about a new subject that you are facing, you see it in a unique light and refuse to review other approaches and aspects of that subject.

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Our predispositions are often a defense mechanism against our true ignorance. One of the fallacious and erroneous thoughts that we have when it comes to learning springs out of sheer ignorance; the idea that we already know everything regarding the subject matter.

Or sometimes, you are predisposed to believe a particular thing about the subject you are trying to learn, and that predisposition turns into a fog that limits your view, all the while your mind creates a force to resist any incoming chunk of information and treat it with hostility.

Let us use a simple example to let you understand this argument. Imagine that you are sitting in a math class, and your core belief is that math is difficult to learn and useless for your future life.

That predisposition will create a cornerstone in your subconsciousness that resists the idea of properly learning math.

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The other point that I am trying to make is the idea that you may already know the subject matter, thus you make another defense mechanism that fights against your concentration and doesn’t allow you to really focus.

Great scholars often say that to truly learn something, you must first unlearn it.

What does that mean?

When you are trying to properly learn something, you need to clear your mind of all the predisposition and previous information that you have about that thing, and start to learn it once again on a blank page.

Only then will you truly dedicate the time and energy that is needed to learn something. Remember that in order to learn something, you must first learn how to unlearn it!

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Some people are also in the habit of using their predisposition in conversation. For instance, imagine that someone is trying to teach you something, and you are constantly murmuring ‘I know’ and bringing it into the conversation.

That will consequently send a message to your subconsciousness that resists against the idea of focusing, because you feel like you already know what you are being taught.

Also, the person who is teaching you will surely lose his enthusiasm because he will see signs that you indicate you have no interest in what he is saying, or at least you don’t care enough to give it your best!

If you want to properly learn something, first understand that you cannot possibly know everything there is to know about it, and that you should erase your previous knowledge to witness fruitful results in your learning.

Remember, to truly learn something, we must first learn how to shake off our predispositions towards it.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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The human mind is responsible for the social, professional and educational life of its owner. The abilities of the mind can be measured by testing IQ. You can get and attract whatever you want to you using the Law of Attraction, which is served by the human mind.

The mind manages the functions of the main human body and controls the emotions, emotions, and perceptions. The mind contains billions of complex neurons, divided into two parts of the right, which is responsible for imagining, identifying colors, sounds, and the source of dream weaving.

Learn to learn is learn to live. It's a skill basic life. And learning should be an Act of humility that is not always unidirecional because up teachers should also understand that their students learn too

Good evening! Nice to read your blog, and most importantly, interesting. I agree with you we must clear our mind and train the memory for learning

Thanks so much @chbartist for this educative post. Its true our predisposition affects the way we participate in conversations and learning as the person conversing with us can get an indication that one is not interested in the the conversation. I have learnt that in order to learn something I have to first un learn it.
This post has reminded me of one experienced employee that I was training on how to do registration of persons using a system on laptop. I remember how this person always told me that 'I already know all those things just give a computer so that I go to work. ' I did not stop but continued with the training. When time to go and start field work came , I handed him all the necessary equipment. He promised me howbhe would be the best performer and I was also confident in him given his experience.
Then do you know what happened? When we did analysis of the collected data after the workwe fould out that this very employee had the highest number of mistakes. This was very badbecause it even affected our performance at national level. So I woukd like to let you know that being open to learning is so important.

My ex-husband was a counselor and he did not like the phrase “I know.” He said we do NOT know what other people are going through and we can never know. Saying “I know” makes it seem like their stories, complaints, troubles, and highlights are common and not individual.

Here said if you need to say anything, say "I hear what you are saying. Please go on."

I have tried not to say “I know” when people tell me anything. It is better to hear what they know and learn something new.

Great article. I completely agree with you. As K. Goebbel said. Repeated reading of already read books is the most reliable touchstone of education. Thank you for sharing @chbartist

In our country, there is a saying “Repetitions - mother teachings”. That even if you know the lesson, it does not hurt to listen to it once again. I completely agree with you, an excellent article

This goes with the saying that "familiarity breeds contempt". It precisely describes our thinking process that we just simply ignore some things because we think we know it and we missed the opportunity to learn and grow.

I will definitely share this post with some people I know that have great love for predisposition towards knowledge.
It is great barrier to learning new things. We should all cultivate the habit of eagerness towards knowledge. Even though we know a particular concept before, when someone teaches us about that same concept, he might chip one or two things we don't know about the concept.
Great post @chbartist

Oh yea! Predisposition effected my life big time. When I was little I was great at math, but by 6th grade I got sick and didin't attend to school for about half a year. After I came back there was a lot off stuff to cath up too, but the teacher was way to busy to help me individualy. Afther a few tests that I did quite bad on, the teacher just assumed math is not for me and such, I started believing that too and no matter how hard I tried to study math it just didin't make sense to me no more.

Now I'm out of high school, but one day I found an old math exam sheet. I didin't remember the answer to it so I decided to try and solve it just for fun. Since there weren't any teacher or peer's to judge me that I'm taking so long on the test, I had quite a lot of fun. And later on I found out I almost answered all question correctly.

So yep, sadly I let people surrounding me shape my mindset about my math skills. I think that happens to a lot of people.

I completely agree with you. Clearing the mind will give us first of all, you can feel the ease and freedom from obsessive thoughts. You will forget about insomnia and headaches, as well as be able to look at the world and people with “other” eyes. Basically, cleansing the mind brings peace and harmony.

Hello @chbartist!

Having our minds open to learn and discover new things will always be the best. It is the best way to progress, to grow as a person, and it is also essential to find and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

A closed person, who believes that he knows everything, will get there, and will not have more trips, or more adventures, and his emotions will be subtracted, he will no longer have how to live life to the fullest, and consequently he will wither too soon.

Do something new. Doing something different from the normal changes the structure of the brain by creating new, more intelligent pathways. It can change your way of life and eat food that you have never tasted before. It stimulates your brain.

The human mind possesses a great force that can not be measured. It makes you stand amazed by its size. Despite the great human mind, human beings use only 10% of them. Every person has to invest his mind and not leave it neglected.

Train your memory to become stronger, so keep it up gradually, and you'll notice that your ability to remember and memorize has become better over time.

great post @chbartist playing a variety of games with friends or family, especially games that rely on intelligence such as crosswords, can help increase a person's mental abilities and enhance them.

Think positively. Negative thinking and stress kill neurons, stop the production of any new cells, reverse positive thinking that speeds up cell production, and greatly reduces fatigue and stress.

To make the most of the abilities of the mind, negative phrases should never be used, such as I can not achieve this goal or I can not buy this thing. These words are understood by the subconscious mind that you really can not, and before going to sleep it is good to activate the subconscious mind by asking Such as knowing certain information or how to get something, and the subconscious during sleep will form the answer to this request, and we will conclude that the exploitation will achieve miracles and facilitate life.

The mind is responsible for all involuntary movements and activities in the body, such as breathing, heart action and feelings

Try this exercise, if you close your eyes for example, and imagine that you are lying in a beautiful beach, just imagine that you are on the beach now and you close your eyes, you can smell the sea breeze, and you hear the sound of waves on the beach, and feel the warmth of the sun, you may even hear To the cries of seagulls from afar, all these things have happened inside your mind. Now, do not know your mind whether this is just a fantasy of you, or that it exists in fact, you are the only one who can actually determine it, it is true or not.

The concept of reason refers to a set of elements that make up the personality, and one may be aware of some of them as part of its composition

to learn something , you must learn to unlearn . thanks for your wise advice

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Great post 👍 thanks for sharing this post.i like it this post.i appreciate your valuable post

@chbartist sir
According to Indian mythology, there is a saying in the situation of dilemma no Maya, no Ram
Maya indicates to worldly luxury and Ram indicates heavenly luxury.
The meaning of saying is absolutely clear that if there is a dilemma in our mind or our mind is not clear to any resolution or purpose, then we have harm from both sides. Freedom is the condition of many people who fail to make them the right decisions. We must be determined to our purpose and according to that we should manage our time and carry out our work. We will find examples of many such people who try to try their luck in every field. In the end, their hand seems frustrating because they do not define their purpose and neither do they want them to fulfill them correctly. Try. There is a successful person who is not in a state of dilemma over his decision.
Thank you for spreading positive mindset in this community

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This is why I often start many of my tasks with a blank piece of paper as it allows us to have creative freedom to discover one’s thoughts by ourselves. Although external perspectives are important, they should be used as guidance on how to proceed in crafting your own.

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If we need to learn something then we must learn it like a kid and there should no ego or attitude between us and knowledge then only we can grab the knowledge. We need to start with clear mind and start with zero. This is the basic and only requirement for learning. Thanks @chbartist for the post.

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That has happened to me a lot with the accounting ... since I studied at school, I had a predisposition with accounting, then adult, I did private accounting studies, but it really is something that I do not like ... I learn it at the moment, but then it is already cumbersome.

Have a great day



That is completely true, we should definitely listen and try to learn something new because knowledge has no end
Keep on sharing such interesting stuff.

What is the best quality of human beings is that it is the urge to learn If you want to learn, then the person can learn anything from anything.

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Interesting topic, thanks for sharing! I think the first impression about a certain topic that needs to be well understood can play an interesting challenge in the learning process. I remember myself hating music theory when i was in school because of the way the teacher was introducing it to the class, then when i had curiosity and a real desire to understand it i could clear my mind from negative thoughts that had been fixed in my mind before and i became more able to understand it .
Sometimes taking a break from learning something can be helpful to continue learning with a powerful fresh attitude.

The other day I also read your post about the different types of learning. The truth is that I see connection with this post. That we don´t know our best way of learning, you can make you think that something is difficult and that you will never be able to learn it. Great post!

Yes it is right if we don't pay attention to something that we are doing then our mind also starts to neglect that. Our mind works according to us we think the work we are doing is easy we found it is really easy if we think it's difficult then it is difficult. Our attitude towards work effect out subconscious mind accordingly.

Firstly, this is really inspiring. The act of feeling you know it all breeds a sense of pride and the Bible says Pride goes before a fall!! Honestly, it's somewhat unwise to think you know it all before you start learning because knowledge itself evolves by the day. So what you thought was prime knowledge as at yesterday could be considered archaic today. Hence there is the need to maintain an open mind even when you know all that's being talked about by the other party; instead of using the "I know" phrase use the "okaay" word in such a way that it urges the other party to go on and also gives you an opportunity to educate and contribute where necessary (that's in a case you are actually more knowledgeable). It shows also get to learn more!!
Holding on to Predispositions truly limits knowledge and if care isn't taken the world will move on leaving the holder behind!!.

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That the person learn any skill! He should be able to hear, not listen! And when you heard, the practice and action lead you to success !!!The world is very diverse! Everyone is a creator and it remains only to hear your heart!

  ·  4 months ago (edited)

Good my friend well excellent.
Great post sir.

I've had to deal with the "I Know" mindset, where the other person's goal is to prove their intelligence/knowledge. While some people may secretly believe that they're smarter and have nothing more to learn, there are others that suffer from feelings of insecurity, which perhaps stems from their inability to understand.

Interesting post!

Bro your article is damn impressive. Really appreciated (:
i want to tell you my story about memorizing anything. When i wanted to learn something new, it's really hard for me to keep focusing and pay concentration because my brain continuously working and different things were on my mind and i can't help myself to pay full attention.

Yaa till we have rubbish ideas in our mind we can't learn any thing if we think put something good in our mind we have to clean first. Because if you will learn without cleaning it will mess up. Continue uses of mind make it sharp so we should keep it up . Once again nice blog @chbartist.
Please include me in your community and if you don't mind please visit once my blog page . I shall be very thankful to you.

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predisposition influence the possible phenotypic development of an individual organism.

@chbarist once you make me inspire nice blog .

I totally agree.
Its like learning meditation, an essential aspect in every religion and belief that applies to our daily lives for improvement.
Its clearing the minds and emptying ourselves.

If you haven't tried meditation, you need to.
Many people I guess just ignore this and most of the reasons are their work and many things they do that they no longer have time for this.

They're worried about anything and everything that will happen if they don't work on the things they already use to do for many years in their lives.

There's so much going on in the world at any given moment it can be hard for the brain to take in every detail. As a result, it's sometimes tough to completely miss major changes that happen right in front of our eyes.

If you're busy concentrating on one thing, you simply have to tune out huge amounts of other information that your brain cannot deal with at that time.

Expectations also can play an important role. Would you expect a person to suddenly transform into somebody else while you were talking to them? Of course not—so it's not so surprising you might miss a major shift in your situation or environment.


Don´t let the schooling interfere with your education ...!!!

Amazing @chbartist ...!!!

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When we are predisposed to learn a subject, we lose important opportunities, facing the future. Our greatest strength, always should be, knowledge, this is what will open the doors for us to develop as people, and as professionals, a person without knowledge, or with weaknesses in the depth of knowledge, loses possibilities that perhaps the future can be presented


Never, we know all friend @chbartist, always, people have the need to learn more and more, and the more we study, the more we learn.

Certainly, there are predisposed people, who because they are not interested in a topic, or think they know everything, they lose interest in continuing to learn from it, which leads them to miss the opportunity to continue deepening the subject, and continue acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is what makes us strong, looking to the future, and while, the more knowledge you have, the more possibilities you will have to successfully develop your activities or projects.

You must know E=mc2 to the 3rd power ÷ predisposition before reaching 50 upvotes!

Perfect great job sir.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

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Excellent text my friend

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Very good article.
Today i learn somthing about this article.

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The human predisposition is something very problematic, I like very much how you propose the post, great work. Greetings and good vibes!

I love the blank page illustration you mentioned earlier for being able to learn properly, but it seems that as we age, this becomes a greater challenge every day. Freeing space in our overly busy and charged brains. A good reminder for relaxing and meditating as well. Keep these posts coming!

see you on the top ... all the best from @aple

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The idea of unlearning resonates with me. I think it's ego that propels us to hold onto everything that we identify as "us", which includes "our" knowledge. Since it's already "ours", it becomes difficult for us to simply drop it because that would mean admitting part of us is wrong which is painful. We do not pay enough attention to be aware that this is going on when we encounter new knowledge. This mindset is very detrimental. I feel this because the proximity with my mother allows me to observe her fierce resistance when anyone tries to tell her something new, something against her existing beliefs. It's like death to her. And the conversation usually ends in despair for both parties for the wall she puts up in front of her prevents a transformation from happening, a strengthened connection from building. It's very disheartening to see her remaining as an old baby in her journey of life. Let's let our ego die a bit, in the context of learning and acquiring knowledge.

If a person truly want to learn something, then there is no need to inspire that person.

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