Are You Giving Your Dreams the Best That You Have to Offer?

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Hi, Steemians!

You hear a lot of people talk about the word ‘potential’, but the boundaries of that definition have always been ambiguous and vague.

What is the best that you can do?

Have you ever found out your peak potential and efficiency in doing something?

How much have you pushed the limits? Have you ever tried to find your breaking point?

All people, every human being to ever live, have had dreams of their own. But only a handful of people get the chance to realize those dreams.

How were these small group of people any different than the rest of us?

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Let us forget about your daily routine and your productivity in a moment. Let us forget about today, yesterday, or the day before that. Imagine that you wake up tomorrow and go to look at yourself in front of the mirror.

This is the first thing that you are going to do.

Will you be able to look yourself in the eye and say that this is the best you could be? This is the best you could do and become? If the answer is yes, you are obviously lying to yourself.

Because your peak potential and the best you have to offer is not a fixed state of performance. It is constantly evolving and growing.

Everyday when you wake up to go through your routine, you are training your mind and your soul for what is to come next.
Ask yourself this question: What are you training yourself for? Is it going to be enough? Is it the best you could possibly do?

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Having the resilience to do some things everyday in spite of their difficult nature is something that many of us fail to do.

If all it takes for you to grow beyond everybody else is just a single hour, you need to be willing to dedicate that extra hour and reach your top potential.

Think about it like this: There is always someone out there who has the same dreams as you. I don’t know what exactly it is, but trust me, it is the same dream. He wants to go to Harvard University.

He wants to be a champion of the NBA. He wants to be a successful entrepreneur who can change millions of lives. He wants to be the next prime minister. He wants to be the richest producer in Hollywood.

That person has the dream. Imagine that he is constantly working and struggling to take that position away from you. There is always going to be competition in almost everything.

How much do you really want the thing that you want?

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Do not let that person take your place. Do not let anyone take your place. Put in the extra hour.Put in the extra work. Push yourself. Push your limits. Everything else can wait. But be sensible, as you always are.

Push towards a path that will eventually bring about a day when you wake up and stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself and say, ‘I am proud of this guy!’

Practice, struggle, work, maintain, and continue hoping. It is the only good fight there is.

At the end, you will find yourself with everything that you have ever wanted, and it will be worth all the trouble that you went through to get there!




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Thanks All of You!!!!


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Thanks for this

Dreams can be the realization of hard work and efforts only if the path is executed. We can rarely succeed without first making the proper sacrifice to achieve and deliver results. It is great to dream but even better to realize them!

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Dear @chbartist

Our brain does not stop evolving, to grow and develop. Discovering our own potential can be a fun challenge, because to the same extent that we do it, we will see that not surrendering is the only possible option.

Knowing that we have the ability to achieve what we imagine, achieve what we set ourselves as a goal in our lives and always maintain that positive thinking will be enough to never stop us.

Of course, knowing that we have competition will make us more constant and determined, because nobody would like to have their wishes removed or their trophy taken away at the end of the race.

The most likely to analyze us, is that we realize, with much disappointment, that we could always give more, that being in our comfort zone we did not persist and we lost some battle. But it's just a battle, not war. We can still reflect to always be able to discover ourselves, and know that our potential is infinite.

In my country, Venezuela, we are going through terrible difficulties, but that situation is what is making us discover the potential that many of us have, the mental, intellectual, emotional and even physical potential. We have discovered that we are better than we think. We have learned not to underestimate ourselves, much less to pity, but to show how strong we are to succeed despite the political, social, cultural and economic problems we are going through.

Best regards!

All the best to you and the others in your country! Hope you all get the liberation you deserve!

What a comforting article, thanks @chbartist for sharing your knowledge and thoughts with us. You totally have the reason we have to make an effort if we want to see our dreams realized, not stop until we reach them, every day give the best of us in favor of that dream that we want to live in our lives. Never give up, of course there will be good and bad days, but take the teaching that each one of them leave us to grow and advance, we must always be persistent when it comes to achieving what we most desire, resisting all the tests to come out victorious and never stop dreaming and smiling because if we do not give up and we try our best, we will see our dreams fulfilled, over the opposition that may arise. Nobody is going to work for your dreams, so work hard, never give up and you will have all the success you want.

My big dreams is study for be veterinarian, but here in Venezuela we don't have time or money for that, we need work for be better each day..

Maybe someday in other country i can study for get my dreams reality, thanks for do this, somedays i need remember my real dreams.💗

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Thanks @chbartist for providing such motivatinal information from your blog.I am from India and I am seeing this post in the morning it's a perfect kickstart for me
To maintain this community I am upvoting your post
Thanking you

Hello @chbartist!

To be successful at something, we must be willing to do what others do not want to do. While the others sleep until 7 or 8 in the morning, one can get up at 4 in the morning to work on our dreams, seeking to take the next step to get closer to the goal. While the others spend all their money, either by letting themselves be carried away by their debts or simply by spending on nonsense, one could invest the little money that can reach our hands to multiply it, and allow us to pay our debts, and also pay for our tastes

While others give 100% of the work they do, and do everything possible to do it, we could give 200% and have a serious purpose.


@chbartist, In my opinion, most of the times it's human tendency to think too much and act less and this phase will push many into the state of Unproductiveness and Stagnancy. Every aspect, dream, goal and objectives are achievable but for that we have to dedicate and have to invest that much of efforts and times. Stay blessed.

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The fact is dreams are dreams. Dream may happen or may not happen.

I dreamed of floating in the air walking and running.
Will it happen to me?
I don't know. I don't know if that was my soul, maybe it will happen.

When we dream big and wanted to achieve that big dream and failed in the end, we end up frustrated, depressed and eventually we get sick and die a sad death.

What if on the other hand we dream small, then take things slowly. In the end, we're satisfied of what we have, leading a simple and good life without regrets because our small dream is achieved. Then we get old happy and satisfied of what we have and die with acceptance.

When we were kids, many people surrounding us would ask, "What do want when you grow?"
As kids we see our parents as our model and the people around us are the first attraction in our lives. And we as kids want to be like them when we grow.
But as we grow, many other things and people will influence us much more.
And we start to think, "What am I for?"

I don't want to sound pessimistic but sometimes the medium where you are can be much bigger than your dreams.

My country is a great monster that eats people's dreams, finally we are forced to put them on pause and even lose importance and become something trivial, basically the only goal you have in life is to survive and try to give to you and your family the best quality of life that is at your fingertips.

Are You Giving Your Dreams the Best That You Have to Offer?

Damn it, day after day I wake up and fight, I stand up. I don't live dreams, I just trace the difficulties one by one and it evolves, I get stronger, I adapt.

But to be honest, after venting a little, dreams don't die, it happens in my case that I no longer see myself as the person I would like to be, but I see my children as the great people they will be, that's my dream now, that's what has replaced my previous dreams, and seeing them in the face, I know I'm doing a great job.

Maybe it's possible that dreams don't get lost, it's just that they mutate.

From Venezuelan to Venezuelan, with due respect, I tell you that it is precisely for your children that they must fight for their own dreams and never abandon them, to teach them by example the things they have to fight for, and do the same .

And, above all, that you teach them that dreams can do a serious job, having very clear what we want, I also live in Venezuela, and I know what it is to live with the crisis, I also lack money every day, I also have I walk a lot for lack of transportation, I do not get my food many times, the only thing is that I still do not have children, but I have my parents who are very old, and for them I have to realize my own dreams to have something to offer them and give back what they have done for me.

Thank God that there are now these crypto-social platforms, where we can channel our projects, and from a secure job, to our own business. In this I have been working on this platform for 2 years.

Greetings and that you achieve your dreams and goals

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Muy buena publicaciòn, nos hace reflexionar sobre la capacidad que cada ser humano tiene para seguir adelante en pro de alcanzar el èxito. El potencial se puede entender como el conocimiento pleno de sì mismo. Estar seguro de que se puede lograr un propòsito, con el sòlo hecho de emprenderlo, porque se tiene pleno conocimiento de la capacidad que se posee. No es necesario mirar al pasado, simplemente decidir y lanzarse al èxito, porque se tiene la seguridad y el conocimiento de que si se puede.

you hit the button, thank you for share that with this writers and readers community, actually we can do more than we do, as you say, but so mucho people think in excuses or things like that. please keep sharing with us your thoughts.

Hola... este es el segundo comentario que te e dejado sobre que me gustaría participar en tu lista de colaboradores.

¿que tengo que hacer para que me acepten? por cierto muy buen post me gusta mucho tu página.

I'm include you now! Thanks!

We must always strive to give more and more, in this way we can develop many virtues and skills that will serve us to achieve everything we set out to do.

Keep moving towards your dream I hope success sure your welcome.

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no to all of the questions. why, well i am a lazy procrastinator with a lot of interests and am great in non of it. should i be the best in one field and ignorant in everything else or average in a lot of things, don't know.

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I want see world... and I feel steemit give me soon this opportunity.
So I try steem every day so I get to do this :))

@chbartist its an eye opening for all the hardworkers with the words that you have spoken .
I am specially attracted and hope this touches everybody's movements and let them chase their unique dreams :)

Very good advice, if we try anythink with heart and soul, there is an opportunity to be success, if not, mental satisfaction is there.

👍Very strong motivation trait from most of your posts. Can see that you are really working hard for this. Most of the time, we know what we should know by theory but just difficult to do it. And it also depends on how much we desire about it.

And, just out of curiosity are you a motivational speaker?

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Yes, I'm coach and I had many contracts with companies in my country to speak to thousand peoples!

Ahh that makes sense! Cool! 👍👍A lot of topics going through everyday.

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Hi, Your article was very thought provoking, I really enjoyed reading it. It struck quite a few chords in me and it has actually really inspired to persue a few things that I have been holding myself back from. I have big dreams to take my blog to a level where thousands are able to be inspired and find what they need there. It is still in its infant stages but I realise anything is possible. :)

try to become a better version of yourself, EVERY DAY ! :)

No @chbartist we can't say that I'm the best which should be me. Becoz we are not working accordingly to our potential, we are doing what everyone demands.

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Work with confidence good way of achieved for dreem.

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This is actually very impressive. I actually like this very much!

Thanks for sharing such inspiring words. I am a newly graduated student with a huge student loan debt. My dream at this moment is to perform my job well and pay off the loan first and then take care of my family and my love. And then I hope to be able to make a big difference by making the world a better place!

At the end @chbartist the competition for the achievement of our dreams is against ourselves. Fight against the shadow of our doubts, have confidence in us and think that every day we can work to get a better version of us.

Everyone has dreams but those who know how to protect the dreams will stand out.

Realize in time and do hard work then only you can achieve your dreams great blogg bro @chbartist

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There are too many dreams to realize, but there are many things we can't do.

quiero decirte que tienes toda la razón y gracias a personas como tu es que personas como yo se motivan a querer seguir adelante, el querer tener el mundo a mis pies, el tener la certeza que con fortaleza y perseverancia lograre algo nunca antes visto que ayudara al mundo entero a ser un lugar mejor.


yes of course because i have vision and mission for life but a stead run win the race please include me in this community

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Dream big, visualize and manifest! The world would be a better place if we all dared to dream!

We need to push ourself everyday to do the best. Once we plan to do anything and start it then after sometime we loose our motivation and to have the same momentum we need to keep ourself pushing. Thanks.@chbartist for the post.

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Dreams may or may not happen. It depends on us. If we work for it, there's a greater chance that it will happen.

It is a constant job to push on our limits and breakpoints, I understood the meaning of this, because of the situation that my country Venezuela is going through, for 12 years I worked and thinking that I was really striving for my goals, but I was so superficial that I didn´t notice that I hardly gave something of myself, today I have corroborated that in difficult moments there are a bunch of opportunities IF and only IF we give that "PLUS"... that extra hour or that extra effort!
Thank you for help us to grow in positive mind !!

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This is a fantastic topic to discuss. Let me share my thoughts from the perspective of a developmental pediatrician who has spent years talking to parents in ways to help their children be successful in life. The main goal to attempt with your child is to help them develop a good self esteem. You start by teaching them (for example) to brush their teeth. You’re always encouraging them and each time they successfully do a good job, you praise them. Teaching (or imposing a limit...turn TV off and get ready for bed), following through with activity, and offering praise allows the child to “taste” success and over time builds self esteem. As the child is exposed to the outside world , this process repeats itself...all during school years, the teacher teaches each subject, gives the child practice work to improve knowledge and skills, and then the praise comes in the form of grades. Then this process repeats again when the young adult completes schooling, college or some type of training and gets a job..,the boss orients the person to their new job, the person does the job and the praise comes in the form of a paycheck. It is critical that the child accepts and works through this process before they leave their home because it becomes easier to gain success and improve self esteem as you go through your schooling years and reaching your “dreams “ becomes easier to achieve. There are other factors to consider, so if this post strikes your interest, let me know and I’ll share a few more thoughts. Best..,cnosteem

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Excellent article! Thank you! I'm new to the platform - signed up a few hours ago - and am already overwhelmed by the value being shared here. Yes, please add me to the list.

I have an old post of minnow tips. Do not vote on it. But if you have questions, I will be glad to help anytime.

This is a complicated place but well worth the effort. You found a good place right here to comment each day.

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