3 Mindsets That Will Eventually Lead to Success in Life...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

Whatever you do in life, whatever path you take, the things you say and the things you do, the people with whom you interact, and almost everything that happens to you as a result of your own words and deeds, goes back to your mindset.

The way you see the world, your beliefs and values, all contribute to the journey of your life. The richer they are, the better you will live.

In today’s blog post, I want to mention 3 outlooks that will eventually contribute to your success.

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First and foremost, I want to take about knowledge.

Do not take knowledge and wisdom for granted. The difference between those who dream and achieve nothing and those who dream and realize those dreams is their knowledge and understanding of the world.

A lot of people know how to dream and are willing to work. They work themselves to the ground and dedicate every waking hour to their dreams. But they are unwilling to acquire knowledge.

That is their greatest pitfall and shortcoming. Because with knowledge, you will work smarter. Without knowledge, you are just a machine.

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Do not even worry about working and money.

If you are only responsible for your own life, as opposed to someone who has to take care of living costs for family members, then you should not worry about earning money.

That 500 bucks a month is not going to change anything in your life.

But the knowledge, the wisdom, the talent, and the skill that you expand and exercise every day of your life will eventually make the difference and lead to your big success.

Knowledge and skill are what separate you from the rest of the society.

The more you know, the greater your odds of achieving your breakthrough and realizing your vision of the future.

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Next comes pushing your comfort zone. Travel and go around the world. Do not be afraid of doing new things or challenging yourself in what you already do.

For instance, if you are an entrepreneur, do not be afraid of leaving you comfort zone and trying out new methods. If you are an archaeologist, do not be afraid of traveling around the world, even though the circumstance might be against it.

If you are a business owner, do not be afraid of investing on new things that might be risky. You need to leave your comfort zone every once in a while to achieve great thing and there is no better way of doing that than challenging yourself.

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Last but not least, always be honest. It may seem like a good and profitable idea to not be frank and honest with people you work with, but in the long run, you will not regret this honesty.

Honesty makes the foundations of greater success. Those who want to take the easy path are those who ignore the importance of honesty, and that is why their success is always limited and temporary.

These are the three tips: Seek out knowledge, challenge yourself, and be honest. In time, success will be yours!




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Great. Knowledge, Pushing comfort zone and Honesty. You have spend a lot of time for such nice blog. Thanks for supporting the community with your hard work. I am also trying to post quality post on my blog so that community can be benifited. Thanks

I like the last one honesty.
Pretending to be good and successful even if they aren't true would lead to misfortune and regret in the end.

Honesty is being true regardless of pain that may bring with it.
And truth will always set us free.

Great read on the 3 vital things to success. And perseverance along the way...is I think a must or something to strive for.

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@CHBARTIST often in life people stops learning more things when they feel now they are in comfort zone of life which tends to decrease beneficial activities or for a healthy mind.It does not matter you succeed or failed because ever you not failed in life then what's the concept of success so learn more and more

Thanks for the post, I agree.
You might be doing good but without trying new things you might just spin in circles.

We have to set action to our dreams and see the world from different angles.

Traveling and listening to people can really expand your horizons, I did not believe it until I actually tried it for myself.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Those who want to take the easy path are those who ignore the importance of honesty, and that is why their success is always limited and temporary.

Are you referring to the inherent flaw in the steem ecosystem?


Hi @lucylin, I'm not really talking about it. I have been here for some time trying to teach people to have a positive mindset and to share my lived experiences. Everyone here knows that what I have lived may not have 100% service to the people but I am always trying to give my best. I've already made a lot of donations on steemit in the last few months. I look for people who really need money and who are in a often desperate situation. But I believe that more than money information is the best currency we can give every day to those who do not have the same experience or living conditions as they can have access to it. I found this on steem. I donate all my profit to you with my posts, but it is not an easy job to find the right people to donate because there are profiteers and you know it. I'm working on something bigger that will give more support to those who need it. Soon you will know. Regarding the possible flaws that may exist in the ecosystem, what I can say is that there is no perfect system, there are systems that can be improved but will never please all people. If you do people will criticize you if you do not too. So in that case learned don't care and keep try to do give my best ever. Regards.

Interesting. Great knowledge. I want to join this community. But you check my work first before accepting me. Thanks @chbartist


Hi, @simonpeter35, I can include you in the list! Every positive, and honestly peoples are welcome here. If you want I can include you in the list. Let me know!


Thanks @chbartist

Creative perspective I must say that, also we should keep on learning more and more in life and yes being honest is definitely good for long run.
Keep on creating interesting and inspiring content.


Thank you @praditya!

Those are three simple but valuable tips.
Knowledge makes us excellent. Leaving our comfort zone encourages us to be creative. And being honest opens the doors to the trust of others.

As always, you give us excellent articles. Regards

Success has no predefined definitions to me but yeah living with the positive attitude is always make you feel successful.

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Fantastic. Learning, Pushing safe place and Honesty. You need to invest a ton of energy for such a decent blog. A debt of gratitude is in order for supporting the network with your diligent work. I am additionally endeavoring to post quality post on my blog so the network can be profited. Much appreciated

Great tips. That is very nice of this blog so educative

Posted using Partiko Android

Hello @chbartist!

The three guidelines that you indicate in your publication, the study, leave the comfort zone, and be honest.

The study gives us applicable tools for conflict resolution, to improve and to create. The more knowledge we have, the greater our field of action will be.

Leaving the comfort zone challenges us to maintain alertness, where we must generate constant effort that allows us to maintain control, guaranteeing the efficiency of actions, controlling errors, and knowing new capabilities that we did not know before.

Being honest, with the people around us and with oneself, knowing when we are not going to be able to fulfill the assignment with the quality standard that represents us, at that moment it is better to let the opportunity pass for another moment where it can be faced the challenge with a guarantee of success

These work together to achieve great goals. I love the mantra of always learning as it demonstrates our ability to adjust and adapt to changes that always appear in our lives as things evolve.

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We can say 🤔that we should not take shortcuts in our life ... and for successful life we should to work daily and to leave our comfort zone..😑
Productive post .. 🤩🤩
Want to join your comunity .. what its name to tag your comunity in our posts ..
Have u instagram or facebook.?🙂

La primera foto es muy bonita

Posted using Partiko Android

what a smile

Posted using Partiko Android

thank you, I really like your article ...

Either you rule your mind or your mind rule you.
Don't ever let your mind rule you.

Honesty makes the foundations of greater success. Those who want to take the easy path are those who ignore the importance of honesty, and that is why their success is always limited and temporary.
Honesty is very important in life to get success. Cheating will never help to grow

Posted using Partiko Android

You are what you eat, your success is what you do. So, do something!

Have a beautiful week. You truly are writing words that I am ready for... Hugs

Here in philippines more people here are dishonest they love telling lie hope they read your article

if you keep doing what you love you won't need money.
you only need money when you want to help other people to find what they love

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