A purpose points us in the right direction...... what to do when you cannot find it?

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Purpose is like a rudder, it steers us in the direction we want to go. Everyday, all day we have our reasons to do something; to call a meeting, to go on a trip, to cook a meal, to write, to go to work. It is the impetus to propel us into the direction that feels right. Once we find our purpose all is kosher and we feel a sense of satisfaction knowing what we are meant to be doing.

But there is a downer here, one life's purpose does not necessarily work out over a life span. At different stages of one's life it is necessary to reflect on our purpose because our perception and wants change. As a child our main purpose is to go to school everyday, then we must find a new direction choosing a vocational or study pathway. It is possible at the end of study or training we might contemplate whether this what we really want to do.

The worse situation to be in is to loose one's purpose in life, to feel rudderless and afloat without a life boat.

How can this happen? Is it when we doubt, when we get over worked and under appreciated, when a plan to achieve something falls a part, when a love leaves or worse passes over to the other side. I know that the unexpected can hit us hard and it is at this times that we need all the resolve we have. Loosing our motive and our zest is understandable, but how long do you stay in this state?

Of course this cannot be answered, it depends on each individual and one of the toughest things is to watch someone agonise through a throng of emotions to find a direction. I hope you have your purpose to get up every morning.

Love and Blessings

Cheers - thank you for reading and for your support

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Purpose is the key driving force, and it can change depending on several factors, as you mentioned. We can have several purposes, and in different areas of our life — our professional life, our social connections and relationships, financial, physical, etc.

It’s a wonderful thing finding a purpose. But losing it can be a major trigger for negativity and unwanted stress.

Thank you for sharing 🙂

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Thank you for you for reading and writing extra ideas. It is such a big area and I think this topic needs several posts. Expect some more posts in the future, haha.

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Purpose is what gives a life meaning. And as we go through the various stages of our lives, our purpose changes. That is fine, because our needs changes with time. What is important is that we have a purpose. Otherwise, as you mentioned, we would be like a boat without a rudder. Great topic. Cheers!


Hi @quotes-haven, you are so right and I sincerely hope that I never grapple on finding my purpose somewhere along life's journey.

Howdy angiemitchell! I so agree with everything you said here, I think every human needs a purpose or else their life is a mess until they find that purpose! lol. Well said.


Hi janton, found your comment, pays to scroll through old post, haha. Thank you for your supportive words.


Yes Ma'am you are very welcome, you earned them!