My reasons for using over others.

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TL;DR: Take time to give a shit about what you use, look at what exists and is possible for you to use so to make a change for the better. Sculpt your environment in a way that is most effective for your day-to-day and allows you exist within a tranquil volition of your own making.

Minds has been a great experience so far  and it has added on to what other social media platforms have done. It's easy to navigate, easy to post, uses its UI efficiently and provides a twitter/facebook/tumblr format that actually benefits creators much more with its points system. The ecosystem is fresh so there's room for creators to slip in and as a viewer is very nice as there's an immense variety to the content that is posted. Don't get distracted by the shitposting, regardless where it comes from, as content like that is everywhere. Use the platform to your advantage and find something that entices you. 

My goal with Minds is to take all of what i've downloaded over the past 10 years, from 4chan/reddit and elsewhere, and upload it for others to view. Using tags I will make it easy for everyone to find this content whether it be images, GIFS, WEBMS, links to articles and my personal flash fiction and surreal-descriptive writings. I also will use Minds to promote videos i create along with my stream when i go live. 

I suggest people to check Minds out and to stop using twitter and facebook. Yes these platforms have some redeeming qualities and have uses for small businesses and communities which have popped up over the years but the developers of twitter and facebook are complete shit and control their platforms more than is necessary. Minds is open-source and doesn't have such a pernicious philosophy of censorship and lack of transparency.  I could go on, but at this point it should be obvious to many people the problems with twitter and facebook; tumblr is honestly okay but is overcrowded and has dumb ads.  I intend to cannabalize these platforms before they possibly disappear, taking anything redeeming with it as an act of preservation which is what the internet does best. It's wholly possible for these old platforms to go away if enough people switch to Minds, Steemit,, Voat and future platforms that appear on blockchain. 

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