How does God decide whose life to end?

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I am sitting here thinking how weird or interesting we all are.

I look at my niece who is 3, she does not care about anything except playing, eating and sleeping. Then I look at my mom who is 53, she is either worried or sick most of the times. I think about my mom being 3 years old, some good 50 years ago - she must have been the carefree wild child. But then what happens to us all?

Life happens - we live, we laugh, we cry, we make memories, we get attached to people. Life is amazing no doubts here and Life is what you make it - so as they say - *Love, Live and Laugh*

But sometimes it makes me sad how a human comes to life and then passes away. I have no idea about how it feels when a loved one passes away but even thoughts of this kind bring me to tears and scares my soul.


Why and How did God chose Jyoti?

I had a friend in school, her name was Jyoti. We lived nearby and we used to study in same class. So she was one of those friends who would help me with homework when I would take sick off and I would do the same for her. We used to walk home from school together. Along the way, we used to witness how Sunlight would come from behind and then go farther along the road - this is a very interesting phenomena, not sure how many people have noticed it. Sometimes I would go to her home, we will sit and study together.

Then one day, she got sick. It all started with a cough after eating Panipuri(a famous spicy Indian street snack). Then her conditioned worsened, she was admitted to a hospital. I still remember that one day we were sitting in classroom. It was 10th standard, her condition was getting worse but she came to school that day and said to me that she badly wants to give 10th board exams. She loved studying and was more worried about the study loss she was incurring because of her bad health.

But then she was in hospital permanently, months were passing. Her mom would tell my mom that Jyoti is missing me and I should go visit her. I visited her but just once, I visited her with another school friend - she was in hospital, she was so week & thin and all she said to us is "I want to complete my computers homework, give me your notebook". I am crying while thinking all this, but this is so painful to think she is not with me today. I had no love or attachment to her at that time, she was just a nice class mate who lived nearby. But I feel sad about it today when I understand what happened to her.

She was as studious and amazing and full of life as me. But then I wonder why would God do that to her, just take her life away all of a sudden? I don't think her karma of this birth was bad enough to take her life. She was just a child, it was 2009, we were just 15 years old. It could have been me but he chose to end her life.

Her family was devastated. They did everything they could to save her, they sold their house for medical expenses. Their financial conditioned got bad. After she passed away, her mother used to tell me, how she still feels Jyoti is sitting on her bed in her room. Her mother gave birth to another girl child after couple of years which she named Radhika.

Jyoti came in my dreams after that - The dreams are always of kind where she is asking me for help and I am not trying enough. Sometimes I get scared when she comes in my dream but then other times I just feel guilty on why did I just visit her once in all those months? Logically when I think - I was just 15 and honestly nothing that was happening with Jyoti made sense to me in those days. But then I just try to be not too hard on myself.

The point is - She is not here today and nobody cares except her family and a few people like me who used to be part of her daily Life. All this makes me wonder, do any of the stuff we keep worrying about matters? Do anything I am trying to achieve so hard matters? Those dreams that I am decorating every day and night, do they matter?

They do because this is all that is keeping me alive and entertaining my soul. But I would like to erase the worrying part and the negative thoughts part from my life as much as I could, or infact from anyone's life.

I will be in ashes in the end. The end can be tomorrow or even today. Who knows.

When I got sick months ago, one particular day, I felt I am going to die today - It was a real feeling, I saw sunlight and I was ready to go. I was in extreme pain and I wanted to end it too. Whenever I tell this to my family, they say I overthink and nothing else.

But I think about Jyoti, why would God do that to her and her family? She was just 15, Karma did not cause her early departure. What was it?

I keep thinking on and on, riding on an emotional train.
I am firm believer of God, the Karma Cycle and the cosmic energy but sometimes I have my doubts, my questions.

Sitting here, confused and questioning everything I believe in - I know Universe will send a response, a justification, an answer, It always does.

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Just before I started the @papilloncharity, I volunteered to go and nurse a 20 year old boy with cancer, because his parents went bankrupt due to his medical expenses and they couldn't afford a professional nurse.
I had never before nursed anyone.
He was their youngest child and they adored him.
Before his illness he had everything one could ask for.
An expensive car, a motorbike, and many other luxuries.
I nursed him while his body was starting to fall apart for the last 3 months of his life and slept on the ground next to his bed in hospital at the end.
What did this teach me?

We all strive after the wrong things in life.
Luxuries, wealth, prestige, power, importance, acceptance and so much more.
These are all worthless when our end comes.

Instead we should rather strive to build our inner happiness, peace, serenity and love for God, the self and all others. These are all for free and comes at no cost.

Just something to think about here!

These are all worthless when our end comes.

So true, most of the people are running blindly after things that won't matter, and even achieving all this robs us out of peace most times.

Everything would be so sorted and peaceful if we focus on what matters - inner happiness and peace.

Thankyou for your beautiful comment Zac :)

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I don't know if that's about spirituality, it's just that, pani puri wasn't healthy.

People needs to be cautious about what they eat.

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Hmmm you eat pani puri, I eat pani puri, everyone eats it. But it happened with just her. :(

Oh, now I understand what you meant.

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wow, adoptme - the name of the project sounds cool itself. Thank you for adopting me, are there chores - house chores that I need to do ? hehe kidding :):)

Happy you could find me of value :)

You have good content! Happy to have you as daughter for the next 2 weeks :D


It's like oral exams, there's a list and when the times come, we all should answer, but we are not questioned at the same time, some might be on the top, some down the list, but no one is out of the list.
We all die, maybe if I get old or sick, and suffer much, i wish i had died when i was young...

Eh... don't wish that! We all have a purpose in life, you will find yours one day. While that happen enjoy life as it is!

currently i'm not in that situation and i'm not planning to put my self in that path, but life is unexpected.

Like oral exams, hmm makes some sense. Everybody is in the list but different order.

One big thing I realized earlier on in my life is that what you focus on you give power to. If it is your worries where all your attention goes that is what is going to be your experience.
It's not always easy to change your focus but it is worth trying and I believe you will have a better life if you are aware of where you are focusing on and keep your focus on where you want your life to go. May it be peaceful and harmonious!

Agreed with what you say and yes I feel I need to shift my focus to lighter parts a little, but I think I am going through spiritual and paradigm shifts, but yes definitely focusing on the lighter positive part would help me a lot. Thank you for this meaningful comment porters :)

I had tears reading this too, @vibesforlife She left this incarnation simply cos her work was done. In Thailand they believe it is a sign of good karma to die young like this - to not burden the planet with more children, to cause no suffering to another and to not live to an old age where you are a burden to others. She opened many hearts and minds with the way she lived and died. And today she lives on in your beautiful reflection.

Hugs to you.

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What they believe in Thailand makes sense to me, The early departure sure causes less suffering and burden to others. And then yeah maybe the purpose of her 15 years of life was to open some hearts, her parents and mine. I do agree that this incident shaped me, the person I am today, so yes , it all makes some sense now.

Thank you for this beautiful meaningful comment Arte, it helped me.

Rama nam satya he
Hari nam satya he

We attract our circumstances according to our karma from a previous life according to Veda. You already know this. Why dispute it? In Bhagavad Gita chapter 2, Krishna says to Arjuna, "A wise person laments neither for the living nor the dead".

Also in ch2: "Just as the embodied soul passes in this body from childhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change."

It's fine because the end of this body is the beginning of another so there is no loss.

Hoot for the comment.


Honestly I have not read Bhagavad Gita. I have read fancy books and articles but not Bhagvad Gita yet. I will.

What I get is I need to risen up from the sorrow and understand it is a cycle but human stuff always gets a hold of me - the love, the grief and the attachments.

Thank you for this beautiful meaningful comment.