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Our minds are our generators, as mine spins I can harness the energy, draw, write, build, bike, climb, jump and anything else I can conceive. After a few days following a particular project to its limits I begin to lose control of my thoughts, I heard a fire alarm and instantly sprinted to the location of my power bank. Nothing. It was the neighbors alarm, I lost the ability to focus my mental spinning energy toward any particular vector in the known world. It became too much; intense fears of imminent lithium catastrophe, social terror, anxiety and fear attempt to take hold a reaction I have is to shift into dreams of the far future, grandiose visions of super society, spaceship living. These spinning dreams cloud my mind making it difficult to grasp thought and orchestrate it unto the medium as legibly as possible: words, vibration, images onscreen. At a certain rate I cannot read my own thoughts at which point the energy needs to be spent elsewhere, exercise helps though meditation is helpful as needed too.

Focusing on my breath, slowing it, watching the points of stillness at the top and bottom of my inhales and exhales, allowing more conscious moderation of the bodies chemical feedback loops which result in my spinning thoughts. Follow the sensation: explore. Managing this balance is key to maintaining a desirable pace and peace of mind. Rest must be achieved for the glia to clean and restore ones neural circuitry. Mental maintenance is for everyone

You become what you think about


Moving toward ever evolving perfection is the limit we should attempt to approach. That is using experimental observations to continuously improve and grow indefinitely. These are dreams of super society, a resource based economy. Replace intrinsic valuation of money with resource backed digital ledgers, synthesizing hardware, software, and analysis creating machine specific contracts for digital ownership, exchange, and reliable distribution of those resources.

Ideally machines that take in physical matter of the right composition on one end, separate the relevant resources, record and store it, and package the excess material for the next relevant machine. Initially people will be cooperatively responsible for the gathering and refining of resources as well as recording and ensuring proper operation of the equipment as is done in industry today. Persons contributing to resource gathering will be credited on ledger with their contributions, time, and quantity recorded and verified by the equipment processing the resources and services they provide to the market for trade. Provide a 5 gallon bucket of clean water, the distributed ledger credits your contributions, you may then trade your resources digitally on the market for anything else you may need. Have the goods delivered or pickup from the appropriate facility as demand desires.

This is the barter system which is possible in small agrarian settings but breaks down in a greater trade network due to logistics, partial sales, trust, and cost of transaction. Programical contracts can reduce the outcomes to known game theory outcomes which everyone knows and ensure both parties benefit from transactions.

This is the power the people of blockchain have to offer: A Resource backed economy. Where all resources Water, Food, Sanitation, Shelter, Facilities, Metal, Oil, Gases, Tech, Digital Goods & Services and anything that can be produced, will. Certain societal components are public and owned by the collective, most everything can be quantified and valued by every interested person on the free global market.
Digital legislation, ownership and dispute settlement will also be needed to replicate the services the existing government infrastructure provides and those that private companies cannot. As a group and in cooperation with the crowd and specialists we can agree to only sign thoroughly understood, tested, and vetted contracts to grow collectively. The whole idea is the contracts are programmatically enforced on the distributed network, though certain other methods of account restoration and fraud prevention have been theorized and attempted. A ring signature is the main one I know of where a particular group of accounts can act in unison to change a transaction if it was done in malice, this is greatly criticized due to its centralizing nature and since the parity wallet bug lost a lot of ETH to a contract bug in a ring signature I will be interested to see how they solve this problem.

Creating simple safe interfaces for contract comprehension and execution will be necessary for broader adoption. This is an especially interesting topic I would like to explore alongside the numerous other threads that will come to be. When is steem going to get the ability to interface with contracts? I know escrow is possible though I’ve not used it or know when to do so.
This is a long road and there are many acts that require our attention on and off the blockchain. I am interested in building the infrastructure and software supporting a resource based society, this is absolutely achievable with minds who want live meaningful lives we are more than capable with the industrious world at our fingertips. I will elaborate further in a future post. Until then. SteemOn!

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