Spicy minced chicken salad & Red curry with pumpkin.

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How are you? I hope you are all very well. I welcome you all to my new vision.

But I have to make a lot of food today like other days. I have prepared only two dishes or you can say that these two are special meals.

Didn't so today I will share with you hope you all like and like always I will also share with you,

how I spent my whole day and those of you who asked me in the comments that I said one thing,

to post another type where I will talk about food related topics. Let's talk about different things.

What happened to that kind of post animal? In fact, I have made two such posts. If you haven't seen it,

you can see it. Now it is not possible to do it because I am preparing food. So you can see these now,

but in the future you will see what I will try to do next week to make a post like this.

Today was a little different from every day because I woke up very early today. You could say that the sun rose before sunrise.

In fact, there is a reason behind it. There's a job and that's why he's going and he has a permit to give.

Of course he has to show that permit when he leaves the city. He left early in the morning,

because I woke up so early and made breakfast. Everyone in the house woke up early today,

so I slept a lot this afternoon so I didn't go out today because the lockdown was going on and everyone was forbidden to go out.

We stayed at home all night and watched Netflix a lot in the morning. When my little sister and I are free,

we watch different web series together. We like them a lot. Today we watch a few episodes of the Dark Web series.

Without further ado I will tell you the food recipes I hope you all understand but if you have,

any compliments you can tell me in the comments but I have only one thing to think about now that there are,

lockdowns all over the world if there is lockdown in your city then buy your ingredients I think that's what you need to buy.



Ingredients for red curry with pumpkin

20 oz coconut milk
2 cups pumpkin, cubed
5 cloves garlic, minced
4 Tbs red curry paste
1 cup onions, chopped
salt and pepper to taste.
Optional add ons:
1 cup chickpeas, cooked
1 cup bell pepper
2 handful spinach

Ingredients for Spicy minced chicken salad

2 lemongrass
4 lime leaves , stalks removed
2 red chillies , deseeded
3 garlic cloves
fingertip-length piece fresh root ginger
4 skinless chicken breasts
1 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp chilli powder
50ml fish sauce
1 red onion , chopped
3 tbsp lime juice
handful each mint , basil and coriander leaves, roughly chopped

So the recipes for the dishes I made I told you the recipes I hope you all understand ,

Another thing I want to tell you is that this is my last post today this week I will not be able to post again in the next two days or three days.

I'll spend time. In fact, if I had such a gap in a week, my interest in posting would have been a little better.

That's why I post four days and five days. If in time you haven't seen my previous posts,

you can see your wishes and let me know if you like the recipes I give you.

So I told you the food recipes and the ones that were full of you. Now I'm going to tell you a little bit,

about the coronavirus situation and you tell me your opinion. I personally think that all the people around the world thought the coronavirus,

was gone The vaccine is gone because of what everyone has done inadvertently but the whole world is seeing the epidemic once again,

and everyone has to be aware of their own position at the moment. I have heard that the situation is much worse,

in some countries but we still have the situation here. It's a bit normal, but if you look at,

the opposite picture we can see in Europe because they have been locked down all the time,

for the last three months because the situation there is very normal now.