Millionaire Plan - SBD Conversion - Banana War? - 234

in millionaire •  5 months ago


"I'd like Steem to hit $1,000 on my day #1,000 and if I have 1,000 steem then I will be a millionaire. :) lol"

How to convert SBD into STEEM using SteemConnect

There might be a Banana war on the Steem blockchain. lol
Did Someone Ask For Bananas?
And The Winner of Week 2 BANANA PROGRAM is......................

Wednesday 8-29

236.008 SP
2346 VP

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dead at the banana thing.
omg i wish that happened so bad LOL.
isn't at like 1.30$ now? LOL😂
#letskeeponeatingjunkfoodandcrytogether 😭


Steem is below $1.

What strange posts about bananas. LOL


Yeah I got confused and did see something about fla***** so I am staying away from the bananas. lol


btw look at the delegations page. Seems like you can get some cheap SP now. Don't know if it's worth it right now. I'm glad I locked in most of my SP for the coming months at a good rate.


Thanks for the tip. You are correct. I have bids out on both exchanges right now. Hopefully I can get some more refinancing done and then have the SBD price go up. lol
What APR% did you get? 20%?
I think rates will go back up in the next few months when Steem and SBD go up.


If I remember correctly I had some of the smaller ones at 24 and 28. But the biggest one is just above 18%.