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in military •  8 months ago

Here are some wonderful video clips of soldiers coming home from overseas. Their families cry and laugh together. There is nothing like FAMILY getting back together again after a long separation. Thanks to all military for serving the Country. Cheers All.

(video uploaded by Happy Channel on youtube)

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all military i always respect

best of luck my dear and thank for sharing..👏👏

Really heart touching video, that's the love

Really heart breaking video, Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing.
It breaks my heart, i hope peace prevail world wide and no need to send any families members to the military

I wish those in the military would combine their feelings of needing to do something great with critical thinking and abandon their posts in far off lands and invade the capital city of the country they originate from. All military personal are having their best intentions exploited by governments who do not have anyones best interest in mind. If the US military were to critically think for even one minute about the oath they swear to the constitution they would come home and invade Washington DC. I hate seeing good people with good intentions being exploited simply because they are unwilling to look at the current situation..

@crowe Thanks for sharing.Really heart touching video.

Emotional video, Thanks for sharing. @crowe