Americans Murdered By US Military Enabled Opiate Epidemic -10x More in ONE YEAR than 20 years of WORLDWIDE TERRORISM

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"Our government will wage this War on Terror, assumedly until the ‘threat’ of ‘terrorism’ decreases substantially. In the meantime, the opium overseas, guarded by U.S. troops and tended by local farmers both incentivized by and hawkishly watched by Taliban warlords, will be to blame for the epidemic killing scores the terrorists otherwise couldn’t." - Claire Bernish -

The figures don't lie, "In 2015, more than 15,000 people died from overdoses involving prescription opioids." -
That's prescription opioids alone! not to mention the other thousands of deaths caused by black market opioids flooding the streets from supposed unknown sources...

Yet it could not be made more clear, the US government and it's military are facilitating the Opium trade and it's distribution despite any excuse to the contrary.

This is not the only problem, consider the numbers "During 2014, 47,055 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States."

Unintentional drug overdose is the #1 cause of accidental death’ in the U.S. — and the opioid industry bears a significant bulk of culpability in this.

How is the US millitary and it's government responsible for all these death's you might ask? Afghanistan's opium poppy production goes into more than 90% of heroin worldwide.

Afghanistan has been the world's greatest illicit opium producer, ahead of Burma (Myanmar), the "Golden Triangle", and Latin America since 1992, excluding the year 2001. Afghanistan is the main producer of opium in the "Golden Crescent". Opium production in Afghanistan has been on the rise since U.S. occupation started in 2001 -

These facts cooperating the notion that all of this is in direct correlation to the national interests of the US government to be highly nefarious and against anything morally decent towards the free world. We needn't any more proof that the US military occupation of Afghanistan - Taliban included, is a problem fueled by the drug trade.

The CIA refused stop the Afghan opium production, refusing to act in accordance with the U.N. global ban on opium traffic issued January 2002.

A foreign intelligence official was quick to point out that the CIA has a history of supporting international drug trafficking. - According to Charles R. Smith of

"The CIA did almost the identical thing during the Vietnam War, which had catastrophic consequences – the increase in the heroin trade in the USA beginning in the 1970s is directly attributable to the CIA. The CIA has been complicit in the global drug trade for years, so I guess they just want to carry on their favorite business," noted an allied intelligence official who works closely with U.S. law enforcement.

"The sole reason why organized crime groups and terrorists have the power that they do is all because of drug trafficking. Like the old saying, ‘those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,’" stated the official.

The returned Christ, Lord RayEl said this in condemnation of America, "You have purposely poisoned your own nation with the enchantment of pharmakia. You nefariously addict my people to substances and then punish them for your acts of wickedness, Satan! Do you believe that I will let this crime against my children go unanswered? Through all of our history, have you learned nothing of my anger or my vengeance?"

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He's back and judging

Ive seen America get worse and worse over the 7 years and so much is happening with the chastisements, from Ice vortex to major flooding even wiping out porta rico

America continues to get worse and some are waking up. Others are busy with their cushie life...

Truly sad and devastating that our own leaders could promote such terrible things! Thankfully a righteous ruler and King will be taking over!

The blindly patriotic will gladly sit in a place the Lord commanded them to leave, as body shields for Satan. They either do not see or do not care that Babylon's crimes already stink to high Heaven.

America: The land of hypocrisy, lies, and evil! How many more deceptions must be unearthed before the inhabitants flee, and obey our Lord's exodus command?

Get rid of those pills