kathara grid shaped cockpit window on new 6th gen US Fighter plane

in military •  3 months ago


All @uncerntropy sees in my eyes are kathara grid dollar signs
the world caught on to Easha's Anna Hayes especially the pentagon.
Hey does the Chinese military have their own military building called "The Octogon"? wouldnt that be a good movie idea? :) God(s) Bless America(s)

Annex the galaxy! Why stop at 52 states when we can have infinite states! United States of SolTerra3

Hail King @inertia and Lord @jesta HAIL master @matt-a

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They have 8 already in there private army..Screenshot_2018-08-30_22-03-03.png

They were over Downtown San Diego last week!

@ackza your post is very informative and i love us fighter plane

Thanks for sharing this ..... I really like it I follow you and upvote you and also follow you and like on Instagram my nick is krevasilis greetings from greece

Wow thats a amazing fighter plane model.