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Many thanks to @Steemitboard for never Relenting in notifying us on our milestones reached on this blockchain. Kudos to @Arcange and his team.

I felt excited when I got the notification that I've shared over 650 blogs on the steem blockchain while I am yet to reach 2years. This averages at about one post per day for about 650 days. For me that's huge.

I greatly celebrate the awesomeness of communities on Steem which inspired the creation of my blogs - @Steemchurch and sub Communities @Ulogs @Marlians @Actifit @Sportstalksocial @dblog @Oracle-d @Steem.leo @threespeak and many others.

I greatly celebrate all steemians who curate my blogs,give resteem and comments. You are the reason that content creation is enjoyable.

Truly, the value of our content is when there are people who learn from them and or criticize them. More importantly, those who share their $$ upvotes to help me offset my data costs.

I wish I could become a full time Content Creator on Steem someday.

Thanks all!

I am always proud of my communities on steem





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Congratulations @uyobong!

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Thank you @uyobong. We wish you all the best on the Steem blockchain