Milestone 60 Rep!!! Feels Good To Know I'm Never Flagged And I've Gained Respect Of Many Steemians.

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It Takes Determination....


I've been on Steemit for almost a year now. I haven't been the most active user but I'm also not just posting constantly to grab up some reward pool. My posts are never flagged because simply I'm never poking the bear or just being an outright loser. I only really post on things I am passionate about. I don't just grab at whatever is trending trying to make a buck. So thank you to all who upvote and follow me. I won't be spamming up your feed and when I do post you will know its from that heart. Thanks Again Folks.

As Always Remember To .........

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Nice milestone hit, dude! 60's no joke. Go ahead and brag...if you got there, you made it. :)

Congratulations on your milestone. #steemon

That is a great milestone. Congratulations! I just started less than a week ago. Just a newbie. I enjoy it so far.

My first day here and I can say I love that people are posting about milestones like this. I can only hope the day comes when I too get to post a milestone of my own.


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