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10000 SP!

I 'claimed rewards' in the last hour or so, and yes, that made me cross that magical 10000 SP mark. I'm now a Big Dolphin... Right?! Or is this just a teenage Dolphin kind of thing?

I have no idea, but when I started blogging on this platform a good one and a half year ago I had no idea I could ever make it this far. I believe my first votes from a 10000 SP account made my heart skip a beat as the actually added some value to my post payouts.

With the current prices my votes don't look like much, but they still are votes from a 10000 SP account and I hope my votes do sometimes make a Plankton or Minnow smile as they might be one of the biggest on their posts.

As I want more people to smile (and with the upcoming changes... should I start taking my curation more seriously?) I undelegated a few delegations so I can add more value to other people's accounts.

How about you? What are you doing with your SP currently? Powering Up, Powering Down, Curating, Self-Voting or Cashing Out?

Ah, found my 'I became a Dolphin Post', that was only half a year ago... So it took me roughly a year for the first 5000 SP, and then half a year for the second 5000. Will the next 5000 SP come to me in three months time? :P Probably not, but a girl a Big Dolphin can hope.

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Congratulations Big Dolphin! I dont know what any of this means but it sounds cool and 10000 SP sounds like alot! Is Sugar Dolphin a thing yet?😂

Hahahaha @aristeem Sugar Dolphin, funny thing. I'll give your comment a tiny bit bigger upvote than all the others okay? :P

Shit man - you're a big dolphin???? Far out. congrats. i think? You move FAST - teach me your tricks, oh master guru of Steem guruness!! Girl, you're an inspiration. xx It's taken me just over a year for my first 5k (coming up super soon I hope, donations accepted) - does it work exponentially? Please tell me it does, or DM me with tricks of the trade for more accolades and kisses xxx

And I'm powering up like a dofo (you gotta work that one out, I've had wine and think I'm funny) - but am Libran vacillitating between powering the whole lot down and investing everything I've got. You know how it goes!

Hahaha - I want to teach you EVERYTHING @riverflows!

In short:

  • Yes, it works exponentially
  • Using OCDB helps - a lot
  • I do notice that I get more support after going to meet-ups <3 So I see it as a slow way of buying STEEM? Like I spend money to go to a meet-up and get it back indirectly? Haha.

Anyway, my DM is always open, seriously, shout if you want me to teach you some of the finer tricks :P I have no idea what people want to learn, maybe I can even write a dedicated post based on your input.

Congratulations on your achievement!! Is nice to read about progress being made.

Happy birthday Big Dolphin!

I'm manual curating with some vote selling, still looking for authors / stuff i like. I do miss the returns of vote swapping, self voting and auto curation though:) congrats

What made you decide to start manually curating? Most go the opposite direction :D I did some vote-selling the past 10 days while traveling and I was surprised to see the returns come in... They are very good :-)

Manual curation is the reason i joined steem in the first place - i like to read, got lost along the way. Hopefully EIP aligns what i like doing with acceptable new steem coming in.

Oh with regard to taking curation seriously - it may even be beneficial to go and borrow steem, not sure, just a thought

I guess that is the case for most of us! I do try to combine manual curation and auto curation!
Curation could become very more important when they will implement the 50/50 split between the authors and curators! While I am not really a fan of that idea, I will try to prepare myself for this scenario!
Ps: it is great to see such a big account doing manual curation!

I thought about that idea too, the one of borrowing steem. I think even dlease delegation filled at a low ROI and vote selling might bring value.
Congrats for being a manual curator, and given the picture I bet an AFOL too!
I'm a Lego collector 😁 @michealb

For a real curator like you are the EIP must look golden! :D I hope more people will come back to curating that might have given up along the way... Or maybe we can even create new curators this way.

Oh with regard to taking curation seriously - it may even be beneficial to go and borrow steem, not sure, just a thought

I've been thinking the same. SP might become a lot more expensive after the EIP is implemented...

And thanks for the congratz! <3

welcome little cuz :)

Made me smile upvote or not, BIG 🐬 😁

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Ha! A smile! Talk about value! :D

Invaluable, perhaps one of the few commodities in this world that's actually priceless

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I am powering over... I've been holding my account steady for a while. Last week I increased my power down to 200 a week and I am reinvesting it in Steem Projects that I believe in.

Steem Power is managed by SteemIt Inc and some others. I don't have confidence in the way they think and the actions they take, but the blockchain functions perfectly.

Some day soon after some testing of the side chain projects I might make a SPORK if I can find some partners.

Congrats on 10k it's a big deal and that is about where I will hold once I reinvest in some sidechain projects.

Yes, a project would be truly interesting to watch and experience. I'm quite interested in the PALnet launch as well, as they have some stuff in the whitepaper we would have loved to see on Steem as well from the beginning. Going to read more about that tomorrow though.

Good for you to decide to 'Power Over' and keep your SP steady while looking into more exciting side-chains - let us know which ones you like most :D

And thanks for the congratz!

I'm almost there :0)

I own about 9800 SP for the moment, but I delegate almost half of it, mainly to initiatives and newcomers.
If I remember correctly, I reached 5000 last September.
I'd probably grow faster if I wouldn't delegate so much, but actually the main reason to grow my account was that I would be more able to help others - so I'm sticking to my promise :0)

:D You're doing great, delegating is another way to gain support, all those tiny Steemians will become big Steemians and remember how you helped them :-) I hope you make it to 10k really soon!

Thanks. But you know what? After I became a dolphin' the numbers weren't that important anymore. 😉

What frustrates me a lot more is that rep score... It just won't go up.
But I guess that's what you get when focusing on newcomers - the bigger part of my votes come from smaller accounts' which do not have an effect on my rep score 🙄

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Yes, that REP number is really mean... It shouldn't matter but it does right? I felt proud when I arrived at 70 even if I know that it's only a partial representation of being a 'good' Steemian :-/ Joining some Oracle-D tasks might help maybe?

It shouldn't matter but it does right?
Exactly! 👍

I really need to look into those Oracle-D tasks. I've seen people's rep score skyrocket since they started doing those...

Congrats with this achievement! Passing the 10K mark is a huge milestone!
I am hoping to pass the 5K mark this year, so I am a little bit behind!

I do think that it is easier to go from 10K to 15 K, than from 5K to 10K. So much more possibilities. Curation rewards will increase faster, more possibilites to delegate and so on!

Why not make it a challenge for yourself, to have 15K before, let's say the first of October. That will mean that you will have 3.75 months!
I do really believe that you can do this! Looks you do have the support from some mighty accounts! A little bit jealous on those upvotes :). But I guess you earned there support somewhere on the road!
Now it is maybe also your dutty to find some other accounts to support. Accounts that are willing to grow!

Enjoy the celebration and cu in 3.75 months, when you do make the 15K post!


Some of my numbers and stats are very similar to those of Rosa, including the speed of accumulation our SP so she might want to set the same goal as me and that is 15,000 by the end of this year :) I think it is doable for both of us and regular checking upon each other would be a nice extra motivation. Challenge accepted, Rosa? :)

:D Yes, let’s do it!

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Ok, deal! :) We both have to reach the 15,000 SP milestone by December 31, 2019 :)

Deal :D Curious to see how the EIP is going to help/ruin our goal ;-)

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Thanks @fullcoverbetting! 5k is a huge achievement as well and I'm rooting for you to make that goal!

And I agree, it will probably be easer from here to 15k than from 4k to 5k even... Steem really is a compounding machine :-)

Maybe I should create a goal for myself, I never do that as I don't like to do 'book keeping' haha! But 15k in October sounds like a great goal to achieve :D

Yes, I'm not complaining about the support I get, and I realize how lucky I am. I've noticed some consistent support after I went to different meet-ups, people like voting for people they know 'IRL', so that definitely helps, and maybe some other aspects too - work and luck I'd say, it's always a mix of both.

Thanks for your comment Peter! Keep on Steeming :D

We have to be honest. Luck is some part of the game!
It is hard to be discovered by a bigger account. And indeed meeting people in real life of course helps! To bad, my 2 sons with all their football keeps me too busy to go to steem meetups! Really regret that!
For me setting a goal helps! But we are all different in that aspect!
Great that you have accepted the challenge of @phortun. I do expect an bi-weekly update from both of you!

Your two sons can join my next meet-up :D Hahaha - we'll just make Steemians of them!

But yes, luck is part of it - in the beginning I randomly got support from a while, lasted a few (6?) months, and after that I reached almost 3000 SP - from scratch. Almost 90% came from that whale - I have no idea if I would've become such an active Steemian without that feeling of support/recognition.

Steem is not a fair game, it's a game of luck and networking :-)

Really hope to see you at 'a' meet-up someday!

Will try to make it there!
The oldest one already has an account. The youngest one will have to wait a little bit longer!

Congratulations on the 10K , you Dolphin you!!!

Wh00p! Thanks :D

Congratz!!! Nothing but the maddest respect for you. A true beliver in Steem through and through. Keeping climbing that ladder and increasing your stake and power on the platform. :)

Thanks @ezzy! Appreciate the lovely comment :D Yes I'm climbing and working as long as I can ❤️ Just like you!

Hahahaha - proper response :P

Congrats! That is an awesome achievement. I have been powering up as much of my rewards as I can. I am hoping to get to 10000 someday!

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I'm sure you will - with Oracle-D and you just being very loyal and consistent it can't be otherwise :-) Thanks for the congratz!

Congrats! Welcome to the Double Dolphin Club :)))

Yeah, I was also thinking about some new, cool use of my SP when I reached the 10k mark and I eventually decided to launch a weekly upvote giveaway where anyone can nominate good but undervalued posts created by planktons or minnows. Just hosted the third round. Not much engagement yet but I believe it will get better with every next round.

Double Dolphin, YES! :D

I'll check out your upvote giveaway, sounds great! Engagement always sucks with low prices unfortunately, as the votes don't look that big... :-/ But they are :D

YAY!!!!!! You're the cutest big dolphin I know. ;) I've been powering up slowly. Also using SBD to fund some silver stacking by buying raffle tickets. Congrats on crossing this milestone!

Hehe - YAY! I like being a Cute Big Dolphin :-) Smart thing to buy some silver and raffle tickets - spreading our riches! Hugs for you!

Congrats on becoming a 10k dolphin!!

Whatever changes you're thinking off, i hope it doesn't include changing the author / curation split. That will have a massive impact for authors and reduce the incentive for them to produce quality content.

It takes me sometimes a good few days to write my travel posts and sort and edit photos, to get a $7 orgainic post payout. It won't be worth my effort if the author payout reduces so if that happens we can kiss goodbye to little quality content authors that still exist and say hello to more shit posts. 😞

I feel you and it's hard to feel like we're going to 'lose' something - but we can gain from it too :-) 10 STEEM at 1$ or 1 STEEM at 10 dollar... It might just be that the changes are not really going to make so much of a difference.

Also, 7$ is never how I look at my payout. That's just stupid to keep on displaying Dollar payouts on for example Those 7$ are 15-20 STEEM which is huge, and if STEEM only went to ATH that means a huge payout for a post - you can't earn that at a 'real' paper magazine :-)

Anyway, not saying I know which way to go that is best, just trying to see as many perspectives as possible :-) If people start shit posting with lower payouts that's their problem, it might just be that some of the 'bidbot whales' start curating again and they won't upvote those shitpost?

Wow that jump to 10K was fast. That felt like a blink. You're now officially one of my role models. Congratulations.

It really felt like a blink to me too! Thanks man. Don't know if I can handle the role model thing though 😱

Damn @soyrosa! I'm so glad for you, I'm trying to sprint towards 10k too!

That's a great achievement, congratulations 🚀

Thanks @bafi! Yes, it's a great milestone, 5 numbers, you know? ;-) Good luck on your sprint!!!

Congratulations to you. Go ahead

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Congrats dude) I’ll subscribe

greetings, dear and most beautiful soyrosa

Congratulations for your achievement!!!!

Thanks Juli! :D

Hell yeah! Keep it stacking sister ! Congrats on the milestone 💪🏻

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Thanks! The muscle emoji is my favourite :D

5000sp in half a year? How I fell down from my bed just yet... how did you do that. 🙈 but congrats if someone deserves it it's you. 😀 @wakeupkitty look 5000 sp in a half a year... 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 it sure can be done.. 😁

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In all honesty, about a 1000 was bought, but I also bought about a 1000 in the first year, so the comparison of making the same amount of STEEM in 1 year as in the next half year still counts :D I have some great support which I'm terribly thankful for and I have used OCDB for a while now, that helps as well :-)

Yeah so you made 8000 out of 2000 steem. 🙈 that's serious shit... but you were like 24/7 here no no 48/7 so you worked very hard for it. 😉

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Hahaha - yes, well, it's both work and some luck and some other aspects that made me grow to this point :-)

I just read it 😀.
Good to hear not all run out of steem disappointed.

So far I have no intention to buy sp.

Happy day to both of you and @Hans001 better crawl back in bed. ☘💕

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Congrats on the great milestone! Well earned as it takes consistency and dedication to get here! Bright future ahead!

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Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!


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Thanks! ❤️

Snap just became a double dolphin on 1 June too! Well done on your achievements and the rate of accumulating SP.

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Congratz yourself! 5000 SP a year is very respectable as well :D We will be the bigger accounts when STEEM is harder to earn... #fingerscrossed

That's great. How long did it take you?

1,5 years :-)

One of my good friends just transitioned to dolphin today. You have something in common with my bestie. Again Congrats.

Congrats @soyrosa, this is my goal as well!

I hope you will make it @wizzdom! :D Be consistent and you will!

Wow, congrads! you are a plump dolphin now! Big things ahead!

I love my chubby dolphin cheeks :D Thanks @steemitqa! <3

10.000 with a break ..... congrats!

That's some nice compounding over there. Congratz for the 10k!

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Congrats on becoming a big/teenage dolphin! Def nice reading positive posts these days!

Your hard work and patience will pay def pay off 😁

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Wh00p! I just keep building - I never mined or bought Bitcoin when I discovered it yeeeeears ago. That won't happen to me again ;-)

You got a 18.18% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @soyrosa! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 40 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

teenage Dolphin sounds about right :D

When will I grow up? :')

in 3 months maybe :D

:D Epic.

Nice to see you still here posting away; congrats on the new level

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Thanks @intrepidphotos! How are you liking Appics? Read their recent announcement?

Yes I did see it ! Very exciting I think and a good move on their part to try and tap into multiple communities. We need adoption desperately that’s our main issues . Cans survive with the same 40k people posting about the same stuff.

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True that! I'm excited too. They were at SteemFest 3 and still waiting so patiently for SMT's to come out... I'm actually glad they decided to stop waiting and take matters in their own hands - they are a very professional team and good at marketing, can't hurt us if they can do some more of that to a wider audience :-)

Yep. Can’t believe how poorly marketed most of these projects are .

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Congratulations that's a major achievement one I am far from reaching but I will keep powering up and get there one day :)

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Hahaha - I googled 'two headed dolphin' and that didn't make me happy :-(

Haha, oh no, be careful what you google.

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