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I have been waiting for this moment for a long time!
Officially I have reached reputation score of 70!
I can't tell you all how much I appreciate your support!


For being a polar of support during my journey on steemit..
For your invaluable support..
Please accept my wholehearted gratitude for helping me reach this stage..

It Would Be Impossible Without You!


Writing a series means playing a long game,
investing considerable time and effort up front in
hopes of considerable returns down the road.
I'm so proud of my little blog, and so grateful to all of you
for support to keep it going.

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Great achievement and well earned!

Thanks for continued support to my work..

I am waiting for my rep 70 too :D :D :D Can't wait to be there @lordoftruth ! ;-)

Thanks for your support..
I am sure that I will see you soon at ep 70 to welcome you on the 70 Club.

Hope soon @lordoftruth ! I really worked and still work hard for that :)

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I see , you worked hard and you deverse it..
Keep the good work my dear..
Only few days is needed to catch it., and to start to work for 71..

Dear @lordoftruth,
I think to cross the 70 I will need few months 😂😂😂 I needed 3,4 months to go from 68 to 69 😂😅
Hope I am not going to run for the 71 ! It's really not needed 🙄
And if I really want it....... I can still pay some bots to lift me as 😂😂😂

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I see just now that your rep is 69.544..
40 days is needed, I think..
The time will pass quickly and soon will be 70..
Keep the good work..

40 days @lordoftruth !!! Let's work hard till that 😎 Then I can have some holidays 😂😅

Let‘s work for 71 😎


You deserve all the achievements because of your hardwork and persistence and continous dishing out of quality contents

The best is yet to come :)

Congratulation !!! @lordoftruth
keep growing

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Congratulations :) I know how much of hard work it takes to reach that milestone and you have done it all beautifully.

Very well done and deserved!!

Congratulation! It's milestone achievement
More to come


Congrats man! Welcome to the 70’s club 😎

You deserve that.

Your continuous analyses are very appealing and usually hit the spot.

Greetings from Austria

U did it! A Hearty congrats to u! That is a great achievement and milestone

You are a very underrated analyst/poster here on Steemit and I listen to your posts because I feel like your posts are genuine, realistic, not over-hyped and consistent. Keep making great posts and thanks for the excellent content you keep putting out.

keep it up @lordoftruth!!

Congratulation, such a magic number on Steemit, big achievement!

Wohoo that's epic Congratulations :D

Congrats to the huge Milestone ;-)

This is a nice accomplishment, and keep up the good work!

Well deserved, congrats.

That's awesome. You have really invested a lot of time and effort during the last few months and the results are spectacular:)
That inspires people to keep posting!
Have a great week-end!


Great my dear

I'm happy to read this. You deserve it. Congratulations and steem on!
Bye the way all the best wishes for your health.

Congratz you really deserve it. Been a fan of your work for few months now. You always present your view in calm straight forward fashion with added few most important things that happened that might have influence on movement.
Thank you!


Glorious victory you've got @lordoftruth.
Steem on. Go ahead with steem blockchain.

Congrats! Prepare to grind the shit out of 70, I'm almost one year stuck on this number :)

Congratulations of your new reputation score @lordoftruth
70 Is a big achievement in steemit platform.
Go ahead and wishing you the best.

congratulations bro. Keep soaring higher