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Well I started my Steem journey always drooling about the impossibility of ever becoming a dolphin and that's why it's come to me as a massive accomplishment. The truth is that 5000 SP in under 1.8 years to me is what I never think I'll ever accomplish and my people I started Steem together here have either left because of the dwindling steem price or definitely lost hope on Steem. I definitely want to remind people that steem is not dead, it's only rehabilitating and recuperating and will come back huge and strongly only if you take time to build with steem I only believe the futuristic gains will be More than bountiful in my honest opinion and that's why I've toiled effortlessly to achieve this massive milestone.

You would hardly believe I started the year with just 2600 SP and I was watching my dear friend @raj808 who was building, powering up, and he became someone I wanted to become, he was the kind of dolphin I wanted to become by all means and even when I knew it May never happen, I accepted the challenge, Said "thank you" to him and began the road to dolphinhood.

Truth is there are so many uncertainty to Steem and that's why so many people are not willing to build or trust Steem but the truth is, steem gave me everything I have today and no matter the doom and gloom that steem Inc are carrying with their 50/50 stuff and how they'll reduce curation on reward to kill the bit bots bad users, this things hardly reduces my believe on steem or the fact that I believe that steem has a brilliant future. @nathanmars the most influential person in my steem journey use to say that "steem will surpass Bitcoin and all we need to do is to build, believe in it's long-term sustainability and dividends Will be reaped by all means" Having benefited immensely from steem, by default I have attached so much importance to Steem that most times I overlook it's imperfections especially to it's blockchain. So I've emotional loved Steem by default and sometimes I look at how @exyle loves steem and it Spurs me on to love steem, because like it or not, the man is my role model when it comes to investing on steem.

Forgive me, but it's one of my most happiest day ever and I came to Steem a clueless fool not knowing anything about Steem, it's blockchain or anything about Cryptocurrency and it's been exactly one year seven months and look where we are now.
It's definitely not easy being on steem these days and the curve is now shifting towards More capitalism and less communalism which means gains and rewards are now Paramount that's why in the long term those with stake will benefit more. (I don't want this though).
So I won't continue rambling without obviously saying a big thank you to @dtube, @busy @eateem @oracle-d @curie @wafrica @Palnet and a whole lot of others mostly dapps.
Friends are Paramount on Steem and believe me without them you are nobody, so even I want to beg for permission to spam people with my tags because once in this moment I want then to know they've been instrumental to my Steem journey and without you guys I'm obviously nobody.

@rufans, @surpassinggoogle @theycallmedan @nathanmars @dante31 @ayobami99 @abigail-dantes @gomatthew @mammasitta @raj808 @d-pend @lizanomadsoul @lickblick @roelandp @hebrew @ogoowinner @hauptmann @snook @slowwalker @dreemsteem @aduragbemi @madushanka @ericvancewalton @dmilliz @beeyou @surfyogi @streetstyle @flipstar and a whole lot of guys here who has influenced my growth here, I say a heartfelt Thank you

I'll like to say you guys are the best and I'm definitely celebrating today because you'll definitely possible, truth I hope to be an orca in maybe three years time, it's basically a huge dream which seems insurmountable but the aspect of Steem that keeps me dreaming is the fact that steem is the future and it's only natural to herald the Future from today, going all Steem without fear once again I'm a dolphin and I can't Still believe it.


Congratz, new dolphin :-)

Thanks a whole lot and it's an honour as well to have you, and for your upvote on my post

Whoop whoop! Big ups and joy mate. You deserve it!

Now, duck and dive,
and swim in the sea...
Of steem dolphin-ary

I started the year with just 2600 SP and I was watching my dear friend raj808 who was building, powering up, and he became someone I wanted to become, he was the kind of dolphin I wanted to become by all means and even when I knew it May never happen, I accepted the challenge, Said "thank you" to him and began the road to dolphinhood.

I'm humbled and happy to have inspired you buddy!

Chuffed for you reaching dolphin 🐬 brother. I hope that the pod has many years of abundance ahead. If the steem price rises, our upvotes will reach dizzying highs 🙂

Lol more than really inspired me buddy, I'm grateful by all means for your contribution to my journey here really, I can't thank you enough, but just know that I'm definitely grateful

Congrats my friend! You reached that goal before me, you can really be proud of yourself! Steem on! Great to have you here :)

Lol I had to really buy Steem and you know power up a whole lot? Haha that's why I reached first my friend

Well congrats ;) Still you can be proud of yourself. I will resteem later, hope you will still received my little congrats present ;)

Lol I was surprised when I saw it, I'm so grateful my friend

I’m so proud of you Bro


Thanks a million @nathanmars when I met you a year and 3 months ago I had just 700Sp thank you for all the impact I'm forever grateful.

Congratulations 🍾🎊!

Happy belated bornday !!! 🍓🌈💕 @ericvancewalton

Thanks, it was a great day. Hiking lots of food and a massage to top it all off!

Happy to hear! Keep on celebrating life 🌺

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Wow I'm a celebrity thanks to you guys haha

You are!!!!

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Thanks a whole lot sir I'm elated

Fabulous result! Way to go!

Thanks a whole lot sir, it took a whole lot but I finally got here really.

Big Congrats bro, it is well deserved

By all means thanks a lot buddy


Nest stop 10K SP

You're definitely correct, 10k, thanks a lot for your congratulations. should be in CAPITAL letters.....CONGRAAAAAAAATULATIONS....

It is a wonderful achievement and I happy to came across such an inspiring post of the day. Its is not an ordinary feat for any other steemien in my feed..but it is Huge....Well done...

What you written

Forgive me, but it's one of my most happiest day ever and I came to Steem a clueless fool not knowing anything about Steem, it's blockchain or anything about Cryptocurrency and it's been exactly one year seven months and look where we are now.

is absolutely true...Hope there might be some influential people for others too like how Mr. @raj808 was for you..

Enjoy the day...

There are definitely so many inspiration people as him really it's really been great having that and when you put in work, you'll definitely get there really, I'm certain you will by all means


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Thanks a whole lot

More than well deserved dearest friend by heart & soul 🌈🍭🍓

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You're more than amazing and thanks for also contributing to my success

Let’s keep going :)

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Wooohoo!! You made it to dolphinhood!! Congratulations @josediccus!

Life has been crazy busy and I am so late on stopping by your post to congratulate you. What a wonderful post to read on your journey and belief in steem. I can never find time to write anymore but always happy to see your posts when I'm on. You are definitely carrying the torch and leading others along with your faith here. I'm happy to be a friend on here and looking forward to your whale celebratory post. ;)

Hahah Yes I did. My friend lol it's been a long time since I Saw you here my friend, thank you so much because you've been a important part of my story, I'm sending you one Steem now to show how APPRECIATING I am to you

Awww, thank you for the nice gift. That is very sweet of you but we’re here to celebrate your journey, not for you to give to me! I do appreciate it and that’s why I will keep it. Otherwise I would have returned it. Thank you!

I haven’t been online as much. It’s summer time and I’m spending as much time as I can with my family. Some days I do miss writing but I just can’t seem to find the time. I do play Steem Monsters still so if you are ever interested in getting into the game, just let me know! I would be happy to help a friend get started. 🙂

And yeah I'd like to play, maybe I'd get your discord handle or what medium do you like using to socialize when you're not available so I can contact you?

I’m in my guild’s discord room, come join us! My discord ID is Beeyou#4417. I’m not very chatty in there but I’m there and we have a great group of friends playing. Stop by and I can get you started when I’m online later. About to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine!

Congratulations brother 👍

Good for you dolphin We have so many content to share hahaha😅😅😅

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Hahah well add me up then let's curate

My heartiest congratulations brother @josediccus.
I looked you were very short time unlocked last 1K SP target. Guidance more helpful for our improvement. I wish you best for reach next milestone very soon.

Thanks a million mate, I'm overwhelmed

5k sp is a healthy account man, congrats! I am looking forward to becoming a dolphin myself so I can flip out the water lol. Seriously though, huge milestone bro blessings.

Thanks bro , you have also been instrumental to my growth as well, I'm grateful to you

Wow, this is amazing... I really wonder when I'll get here... I'm really happy for you... Congratulations

Hardwork man, you'll get there

Congratulations @josediccus!
Just gave you a 777 Upvote Credit from Steem Upvote Exchange.
Your story is inspiring... I am going hard for my Reputation Score of 50, then I am coming for 70 like you! 5000 Steem Power (unlocked) is a near goal as well... I am coming for it with God as my helper.

I pray you continually be blessed exceedingly above what you ask or think and excel beyond your dreams of success _Steeming!_FOR $7.77 #steem!



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Congratulations brother

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Big congrats to you, @josediccus. You are one of very few to get to this milestone here on steem. Enjoy your accomplishment with many more to come.

Congratulations @josediccus
You're doing great work in steem
Next milestone is 10k.

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Gratz for your achievement.
Wish the beat for you

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Congrats on your Dolphinhood and especially doing it the hard way!

Congratulations @josediccus! That's a huge milestone achievement!

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Congratulations and good vibes 777.

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Omo!! See how them steemit top men and women de talk about your matter. Jeeez na so people de blow oo!!

Lward!!!! Which day I go hit 5k too na

See how mammasitta de make everywhere de go smooth ❤️

Baba na Oluwa o haha you go reach 5k no worry maybe next two years Sha

Tf 😂 2021? 😒

And how is it OLUWa ?

OLUWa de steemit ? 🙄

Congrats. More then deserved. Well done.
Resteemed :-)

Congratulations !! Now you became role model for many of us. Wishes from steem India community 🇮🇳

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I will like to congratulate you formally here because the journey on the STEEM blockchain has never been easy but with the help of STEEM friends, colleagues and most especially the STEEM community. I say congratulations

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