1 Year On Steem - My Steem Birthday

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My Steem Birthday


Today is special day for me. It's my first Steem birthday.

One year ago on 2017-08-05 at 10:18:51 my account was created by @steem in block 14,306,036. Block was witnessed by @clayop.

If you are not interested in my personal statistic, skip this part of the post

Here are some personal stats:

  • My account was 299,877th account on Steem.
  • I received 17,732 votes and I voted 23,946 times.
  • I got 106.68 SP from curation reward and 4,078.33 SP from author reward.
  • My reputation is 67.082 (47,397 Billions).
  • I wrote 1652 comments and 274 posts.
  • My highest payout post was New STEEM Witness @fbslo [My Witness Thread] with $ $620.06. This was also most voted (1357 votes) post and most downvoted (- $324.897 downvotes) post.


Every (no bot or spam) comment under this post (posted until payout) will receive my upvote. Minumum 25% vote weight. If I like your comment more, I will give you higher vote.

This year would be much more boring without Steem. I meet lot's of cool people here.

Goals for next year

This yearNext year
3297 followers6000 followers
10,000 STEEM & SP20,000 STEEM & SP
Reputation 67Reputation 70
1982 posts4000 posts


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(Go to https://steemit.com/~witnesses and type fbslo at the bottom of the page)

Please read my Witness Thread and support me by voting @fbslo for witness.

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Congrats dude!
You've made a mark in steemit world.

Congrats! You manage to have some very nice stats...

Exactly today, I also have my one year anniversary! Let's celebrate!

Damn. Your account is slightly older than mine.
Made mine in September :p

Congrats on your achievements so far, and hopefully there are many more to come! I wish you all the best! ;D

@fbslo congratulations for your achievement 🤘In se po Slovensko
🔥Cestitam za uspeh🔥 ✌️
Keep up the good work 👊

Congratulations :)

I am impressed with your statistics, really congratulations for reaching one of the highest points of the platform, I believe that for the next year if you will be of reputation 70 or more, I would like to one day achieve what you have done.

congratulations, I hope your successes continue

Happy Anniversary ! This is the result of your hard work, keep it up :D

Your account's stats paint a great picture of a year well spent on the blockchain. My second anniversary will be sometime this month. It took me about a year to get it. 😎

This is awesome @fbslo . you're positively one in all the foremost nice-members of steemit and glad that you just reached this 1-year milestone. it's people such as you WHO encourage Maine to place out my best on this platform.

For you,

In your life I would like you sensible luck
And I charge you absolutely
So that everything in life clad
And that the sun was smiling
Success in your life can come back
And the positive can bring
And it becomes lightweight in my soul
You are lucky in life
Cogratulations @fbslo

Congratulations 🎊 thats a great achievement 🎂

Congratulations on your first Steem anniversary, @fbslo!

This is an awesome milestone and you have done incredibly well here on Steem. I am impressed by your achievements and proud to have known you since your early days on this platform.

Vse najboljše kolega Slovenec :)
I belive that you will succseed in your goals for next year.
You did a lot for Steemit community, so I wish that you will continue with your amazing work.
Srečno !

Congratulations @fbslo!

Čestitam kolega! Odlično leto je za tabo, naj se ti uresničijo vse želje in še več!

Hvala :)

Congratulations buddy !

All those achievements are indeed worth it :)

Hope your get to your goals in the coming days :)

Congratulations friend, see that someone has achieved this in steemit, I am happy and it inspires me more to continue in this community, step by step, little by little, I will be able to achieve, everything you have done!

It is interesting that you set very specific goals, good objectives, luck in your way, success! Regards!

Like a boss @fbslo xD

Congrats congrats

Congratulations! You’ve come a long way! Good luck for the new year! Happy 1st to steemit! 🎂

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Happy birthday

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congratulations man.
best impressed with your statistics .just awesome

Very nice milestione, keep it up!

Congrats man, keep doing you like :)

damn that is a lot of posts and comments 😮

Happy Birthday @fbslo.. A great achievement. Congrats...🤗

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Wow - you accomplished a lot during your time here!! did you come onto the platform already knowing some people or did you start out on your own?

I found some ICO review here.

  ·  last year (edited)

Congratulations. I wish you all the best and fulfillment of all your ambitious plans. I am sure that you are full of the most interesting ideas and you know how to implement them in the most dignified manner. Let your life here, on Steemit, will be for you an exciting road to a bright future.

Happy birth day & congratulation brother

Congratulations @fblso or should I say Happy birthday to you. Your achievement is so fantastic that it gave me a motivation to go on steeming.

Hopefully someday I too can be a contributor to steem but not as a witness. 😅

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Congrats @fbslo it's a outstanding milestone. We are hope you can achieve your best next year target...best wishes for you ☺

Dear @fbslo,
I like your idea. When my steemit birthday is come I will write a post like you.

Dear @fbslo, Congrats on completion of 1 Year on Steemit, May You have many more success. #KeepItUp :)

Congrats @fblso..!!!
Keep on steeming..!!!

Čestitam! Še posebej na ciljih. Jaz sem bolj počasen :)

Congratulations!, That you meet many more in steemit

Congrats!!! You had made a really good job this year. I hope you keep doing this and your testimony encourage us to don't give up in this. Steemit gave us the best way too meet amazing people around the world!

Congrats again!

congratulation for your birthday in wonderful red. you are very successful

Sretan rojstni dan! :)

A very happiest and best birthday to you. You also achieve your goals next year which you decided this year.
You can do it! Get up and focus on your goal to achieve this.
You also do it!

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Congratulations and celebrations!

Happy Anniversary. I pretty much love your goals and I will wish you to beat them.

Congratulations once more and welcome to my club. I'm 14 months old on Steemit!

Congrats! I followed you :) I just started today my Steem journey and I hope to be as successful as you have been! The stats are looking amazing.

Congrats on your milestone. I will follow you from now on for your next big thing.🎬

Wow man i wish you happy b-day on discord and now i saw i am in wrong :D thats your steem acc b-day, then i whish you even more luck and thats gools are peace of cake for you :D

10.000 powera, neverjetno... Sretan rojstni dan in želim ti veliko uspeha! Zmagaj steem-a za Lambo do naslednjega rojstnog dana :)

Še na mnoga leta...



Ha! You have set some serious goals for the next 12 months/365 days/year!

Best regards.


brother you are a great example to follow, you really have a lot of future, everything with perseverance is achieved, congratulations

fabulous is incredible this great success that you already have, I'm just starting with my first publication made today and you're celebrating today that chance, the next year I hope and aspire good things and be great on this platform like your

Congratulations @fbslo..
Its a great milestone .. Hope you can achieve your next year target...

Congrats dear, wish you a happy journey of the platform

How to know about personal stats? Is there any website for it?

Congratulations on the first anniversary on steemit ...you made it in the short time. 🎉


Hard Bass!


Hard Bass!

Happy Birthday, @fbslo! Dosegel si res ogromno na tej platformi v enem letu!

Hvala :)


Congrats to you. I hope you will continue to grow. I see lots of people has given up on the platform

@fbslo happy birthday!!!! enjoy man!!!

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